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Yahoo has recently announced a makeover of the search result page. These new changes may improve and unify the user’s search experience, time and uncertainty. Yahoo had launched an improved image search last month, the simple and minimalistic design, which was introduced by Yahoo to remove clutter.

Yahoo has changed the way web, images Video, News, Blogs, Finance and Sports search results pages display information. The changes include a cleaner design, automatic tabs and left filters. The new design is pleasing, removes clutter and integrates information from other search verticals. The automatic tab which below the search box, enable users to access search verticals and sort search quickly.
Users get more relevant results for specific queries with “query-aware tabs”. For example, if a user searches “New England Patriots,” the sports tab will be displayed automatically, which displays information related to the team. The search results page will include a “related athletes” filter on the left and relevant sports videos on the right.

Updated News search now allows users to view news by source or access related videos quickly on the right side. Image search includes a greater number of Facebook images, displays most recent images first and provides better gallery recommendations. This makeover of search results will help the user to get direct and relevant information with fast pace.


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