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Microsoft will launch Windows 8 in late October, as they announced during the annual Worldwide Conference in Toronto. Last time Windows 7 was launched in October 2009.

Windows 8 will be available in 109 languages and 231 markets worldwide. The upcoming version of Windows can be used not only for personal computers but it would also be applicable for smartphones and tablet computers, including Microsoft’s own tablet ‘Surface’ which is to be launched this year. The company hasn’t announced the price of the tablet yet,  but it would be competing against super duper selling iPad, Kindle Fire of Amazon.com and Nexus 7, which will be released after this month by Google.

Application will appear in a mosaic form for Windows 8. It is designed in such a way that it can run on other tablets and personal computers. Windows 8 apparently will increase the demand for laptops and other personal computers.

Not only this Windows 8 will allow users to store and share personal data among various devices under the ‘SkyDrive’ cloud computing service. Although Apple and Google are already offering such services.

The main reason to offer the Windows 8 services in October is that the machines running on the operating system would be available for holiday shopping season. Also the consumer and businesses who do not want to buy new computers will buy Windows 8 and upgrade their systems.

New versions of Windows are mostly launched in every three years. But having Windows 8 in news for such a long time, has made it the most anticipated and seeked after software since 1995.


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