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Romain Vialard,  a Google Apps Script Top Contributor has developed a tool called Gmail Meter. Though Google has not developed the the tool but the website supports it.  This tool is an amazing contribution towards the Gmail platform. Google Meter sends user different statistics pertaining to their behavior on Gmail. These statistics help users greatly in analyzing their Gmail habits.


Gmail Meter analyzes the email patterns and derives statistics that in turn help users better understand their Inbox activity.  Gmail Meter runs on the first day of every month and sends user an email containing different statistics  about their Inbox. These statistics help users analyze their Gmail habits.


You can check the Google official blog here for more details.


Some of the key features of Gmail Meter that we really liked:

  • Volume Statistics:  It gives users the number of important messages, starred messages, number of people who sent them emails and more.
  • Daily Traffic: It shows user an estimate when they receive and send messages during a given month. It is basically a graph showing the time of the day when the inflow and outflow of emails is at peak.


Similarly, users can utilize the Gmail Meter to analyze the Traffic pattern to understand the overall email activity over a week’s time. There is another feature called Email Categories that helps users know how they are managing  their Inbox.


Installing Gmail Meter is easy. Go to Google Docs and open a new spreadsheet. Save the spreadsheet. Click on Tools and then on Script Gallery. Now, search for Gmail Meter and click Install. A new menu item, Gmail Meter would appear on your spreadsheet. Click on Gmail Meter followed by Get a Report. You will receive an email once the report is ready, it may take sometime.

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