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Pay per Click (PPC), is an advertising technique used to drive traffic to websites. PPC advertising only costs the ad sponsor when a person selects, or clicks, the advertisement, as the name suggests. If you never see traffic, you never have to pay for the service. It is a very good way to start generating leads. One of the key advantages of this method is that it is easily measurable and very flexible. You can monitor the results and try to improve the performance. PPC Advertising is touted in the online industry as the best solution that offers instant traffic boost and cost-effective measures to implement the required changes.

Different names of PPC:
PPC marketing is additionally recognized underneath the following names/variations:

1. Pay per Action
2. Pay per Performance
3. Cost per click (CPC) Advertisement
4. Clik to Call Advertisement

Advantages / Benefits of PPC

Widen your reach: PPC marketing delivers very specific traffic to your web page, apart from the natural or “organic” search engines like Google.

Quick launch and testing of new products/services online: Every company goes for a new launch or sells a new product with certain basic features attached to it. The customers are eager for free trials would like to try it out. If the company puts this plan in a proper frame then it surely is able to complete is half task of achieving success. It is a good way to boost your awareness and reach during your launch.

Monitor your expense: PPC marketing can make use of a monitoring computer which can determine exactly who arrives to the website and what they do soon after they arrive – the length of their stay on the website and the exact actions they perform. These are important instruments in pinpointing figures similar to (ROI), acquisition cost-per-visitorand Cost per sale.

Pay per Click Advertising can be a good boost for every season or special occasion. PPC Advertising will enable you to target the season for higher income. You can even particularly adjust your Pay per Click Advertisement per season.

The results of PPC campaign implementation are immediately visible, within minutes – as opposed to a greater time lag in traditional search engine optimization campaign. Here the results are guaranteed.

PPC can be more expensive than SEO in the long run though. Nothing comes close to returns from organic traffic that properly crafted SEO campaigns can bring.

Another great way to use PPC is to use it as a complement to SEO and other marketing means. If some keywords are particularly difficult to get organic traffic, PPC is a great bet there.


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