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The news has already spread like wildfire. You must have come across it from one resource or the other. Deindexing blog networks is what Google is now up to. Google is now crushing the link schemes of different blog networks. It may seem to be a harsh step but going by Google norms, it is unethical and the sites doing so need to be penalized. In fact, this should not come like a surprise as we all know that Google was never in favor of link schemes but few of us continued to do that. So, some of us have deliberately put themselves in a risky situation. The time has come to pay for the risk taken.


Probably, we all were waiting for this to happen. Over the years a lot many people tried to stick to the rules and remain ethical. But such people suffered at the hands of those who never cared about rules and Google ethics and prospered. But now Google has come to the rescue of their sincere patrons. As Google is now deindexing blog networks, those indulging in malpractices will have to bear the blunt.


Google has given indication that they will move further and penalize those who will break the guidelines served by the Google.


What these penalties will be like is still not clear. It seems that people at Google are working on it and once they have all the culprits lined up they would serve the penalty. Going by the history of algorithm changes Google has done it seems that it is going to happen soon. If it happens then this would mean that search results on Google are going to get improved.


Those who haven’t taken the right path yet it is the time to switch ways otherwise it may be too late.


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