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Picture this: A presentation to a client about a TV commercial’s plot. Check-list: lots of images, dialogue boxes, some text and of course a presenter (the slides won’t speak, right?). PPTs are the first choice when it comes to any kind of presentation. But to present a video with the help of just images and text is as dull as listening to an audio book on mute.

PPTs have transitions in between various slides but there can’t be any customized animations. The concern is that a storyboard is no fun unless you have some animations and sounds to send across the message.

So yes, if you have got some vision and creativity for marketing your product then don’t waste it on a slide show, rather switch to a video presentation. The beyond-impressive service called PowToon, which will help you to create your own videos in easy steps with innumerable tools, will be open to public in August. The user friendly PowToon is easy to use as it provides templates, demo teaser. It gives the DIY (Do It Yourself) solution for the making of marketing videos and explainers. There’s a collection of cartoons found within its content collection. The content is sourced from designers, animators, voice actors, and sound artists who sell through the PowToon Marketplace. Creating the video yourself is cheaper than outsourcing its creation to a professional design studio.

SlideShare, the service that made presentations social, launched a web meetings service called zipcast last year in order to enable the video tinge.

Powtoon is best suited for non-professional designers and video editors, and it offers drag-and-drop objects which you add to slides. Animation, duration, text, soundtrack can be added accordingly. And success, a very much professional presentation is ready.

For an effective presentation, more dramatisation should be done through the illustrations and lesser by the presenter. The time is here that you switch to the video presentations which are more interactive, more interesting and communicate better. Won’t you prefer listening to a dialogue than to see a dingbat with a dialogue box flying over his head?


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