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Launching Fugu – User insights, Marketing Automation & Bot Apps.

Launching Fugu

The journey towards an established On demand startup is more of a marathon than a sprint. Building up step by step and gaining pace as you proceed further is the way to go. A number of bubbling platforms are competing to reserve a place for themselves in the marketplace. Typical journey takes them through different stages of evolution – discovery, validation, efficiency and scale.

Focus from the technology perspective and the inputs required should change as we move further ahead towards the various stages of evolution. Here is my take on focus areas during these different stages –


  1. Discover whether you’re solving a real problem
  2. Talk to as many stakeholders as possible
  3. Sort out the value proposition mix for the stakeholders
  4. Chalk out the business model contours: instant or scheduled, freelancing vs contracted, price control


  1. Sharp focus on getting the core transaction flow right
  2. Figuring out the right customer acquisition channels
  3. Zero in on right demographic- Demand and supply
  4. Viral hooks, organic growth, word of mouth, creative marketing strategies
  5. Push the MVP towards a Product market fit
  6. Figure out the Cost of convenience


  1. Start optimizing the Unit economics
  2. Draw the Path to critical mass
  3. Excessive obsession with optimizing cohort data – demand, supply
  4. Constantly work on LTV of customers by improving on retention, frequency of orders and average transaction size
  5. Figure out Alternate monetization angles
  6. Cut losses on the path to operational excellence


  1. Playbook to succeed – market launch strategies, key benchmarking metrics
  2. Obsessively track the progress

For the past 4 years, Click Labs has been focussing on how to provide maximum value as technology partners to enterprises and entrepreneurs looking to ideate, validate, execute and scale on demand and marketplace based platforms.

To enable this vision, we have developed a core mobile workforce management infrastructure, which can be leveraged to develop custom solutions to suit the business requirements of different industries. While Juggernaut as a platform framework was providing real value for those who were looking to build their MVPs on top of a solid core, we were seeing a clear demand among small businesses who wanted something off the shelf. So we developed the core modules that were part of Juggernaut into a highly generic mobile workforce management platform, Tookan.

But a void was still pretty much evident in terms of scaling and efficiency and the need to fill it up gave birth to Fugu.


Click Labs has been building FUGU for the last 6 months, which helps businesses navigate through the next two steps i.e efficiency and scale by helping you with customer acquisition, engagement and retention, and analytics.

The idea for Fugu has been brewing for a while now. Fugu has evolved as a product that helps data driven marketeers to engage with the customers and build lasting relationships. Marketing automation and the analytics framework enabled by Fugu is designed to help at different stages of the customer lifecycle – acquisition, engagement and retention.

We’ve been serving organizations to connect with and hold their clients alongside solutions on big data analytics and Referrals. More on the foundation later and for the present, how about we concentrate on the open door as you may imagine to check whether we are a potential fit for each other. Potential use cases are optimized for SaaS, Marketplace and On Demand platforms.

This will be a four part series and in each part, we’ll elaborate on what FUGU does for you.

Launching Fugu - User insights, Marketing Automation & Bot Apps.

Acquire and Engage

Track and Segment- Track the interactions between the user and your product.  Fragment clients in light of their activities and attributes and watch engagement levels develop when you send exceptionally logical messages at scale. Utilize the effective hunt and channel capacity to know more about your clients. Your client behaviour ought to shape the premise of all your campaigns and outreach to your clients and anonymous guests.

Smart Target- Optimising your business goals requires engaging customers with 1:1 experience. Fugu’s stage gives you the decision of triggered or broadcast campaign in-application messages, email, SMS, versatile and program push notices for connecting with clients. You can likewise set up webhooks to transfer data between your applications and Fugu as it happens. Plan campaign messages to guarantee to make sure your messages don’t go out at odd hours and irritate your clients.

Referrals- Personalised invites, custom links, incentives on referrals and new sign ups! Watch as your customer base expands as seconds tick away.

Capture Behaviour


Offline notifications- Offline alerts that guarantees your message reaches your client regardless of what gadget or channel they are on. This helps you stay connected with your client even when they’re not connected to the internet or not using the application.

Retention using goals Testing message viability and demonstrating ROI for each triggered  or broadcast campaign message by driving conversions or actual revenue is conceivable on the Fugu stage by means of objectives. You can add objectives to bump your clients to perform an action or conduct, enter or leave a section.

A/B testing  You can rapidly perceive what number of clients have utilized another element or rapidly test with a selected gathering of clients. You will find it less demanding to acquire new clients for products/services and connect with clients who are in threat of disappearing. Dealing with your database is critical to drawing in clients and onboarding them so you can tailor your correspondence viably.

Rewards and Incentives- Fugu lets you automate rewards and incentives for customers that keep coming back to your application boosting loyalty. So sit back and relax and watch the numbers shoot up!

In App Message, Push and Email

In App Message, Push and Email


Real time reports- Realize what’s working and change what isn’t, in a flash. Each activity, each message campaign, and each bit of information separates into traceable ROI.

Revenue and goal tracking- Measure the genuine after effects of each message you send. Track any campaign objective—income, buys, social shares, all with a single click

Real Time Report

Support and Feedback

Collaborate and Support- Work together with your colleagues and resolve client inquiries without switching between platforms. Oversee client inquiries and issues on a single stage by forwarding your client support messages to the mutual inbox inside Messenger.

Customer Feedback- Client criticism highlights keep you upgraded on what your clients are thinking so you can help them when they require you the most thus building trust and improving retention.

Core components
  1. Dashboard-  Fugu’s dashboard gives you access to key metrics and reports that consider your business’ correspondence viability and crucial client insights. These ought to guide you to persistently repeat on your campaigns and make sense of the best channel and times for client outreaches, what substance is drawing in clients and where your product or services need to move forward. Watch those numbers shoot up!
  2. Android, iOS and Web SDKs- These are plug and play solutions which considerably cut down your custom development effort saving you valuable man hours.    
  3. Analytics dashboard- Fugu’s behaviour based tools, for example, cohorts, funnels, metrics and sessions, will permit you to rapidly emphasize through an assortment of testing, improvements, and measure how new and current components perform with clients. Intuitive controls let you ask the questions that you want to ask: see how metrics change over time, compare groups of users, understand the distribution of values and more.

Fugu is enabling a new level of authentic customer engagement between brands and their customers

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