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I thought I will take this time to give you all an update. It is sometimes tough to be connected with everyone so here it is.

We had the best day PMG has witnessed till date today. Revenue in itself is not really as important as the fact that as a company, PMG was operationally break-even(barely) today. This is a big deal for e-commerce companies today in India. The advertising cost is unsustainable because of competition and companies are going out of business. But that also means that the companies that can hang in there and get profitable will actually have virtually no competition after the consolidation. We are trying to do a lot of things, some work, others don’t, but the fact that we are doing a LOT will mean that we will make it very soon.

Finally, a very interesting thing we have learnt from PMG campaigns in past few weeks. Giving stuff free to people in the company is the best way of undervaluing it. Statistics show that people do not really care about something being free or paid, its more about emotions of sending a gift out. If someone can take 20 minutes to send a card, 200 bucks (about $4) is not a big deal. Its the 20 minutes of attention of a person we really need, money is insignificant. We will keep that in mind for running all the future promotions. I now understand why IBM sells the t-shirts when they will be happy to give them for free, if only people would wear them. They don’t want them to end up as mops. That is the real reason why company employees are prohibited from taking part in all company promotions, a policy we will follow going forward. Exclusivity is a very powerful motivator.

At Gamifyd, we had a small setback as all our plans for Casual Connect had to be shelved. While this is a huge disappointment, it happens. We will be better prepared next time for sure. And we have a few magician friends. Dev is going on steady and I think we will soon be creating a dent of our own in the gaming space.:)

Stewart and Felipe are sprinting towards their first product and we are having some great discussions on a regular basis. It is a very fresh perspective these guys bring in to our Click Labs and I think we will build some great things together.

Finally, a bit about the mother ship- Click Labs. We have shifted to our awesome new office, things are stable and functional for the most part. We chalked out the marketing department and separated the graphic design and UI teams as things are expanding. Admin/accounts/HR is finally a real department. Work wise, our focus is shifting to a small number of challenging projects. We have really high hopes from some of the products due to be launched soon by our startup partners. Solutions are getting to a level where we can start marketing and selling them as products. Solutions and services will be split up to keep things well managed.

In short, I cannot think of a job that would be teaching me more that the one I am currently doing. I hope its the same for all of you who work at Click Labs.


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