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Twitter bids goodbye to its integration with LinkedIn. Now the users on twitter can’t share their updates on Linkedin profiles automatically. The Twitter-LinkedIn partnership was established in 2009 and users were then able to cross-post on both networks,  if they had both profiles integrated.

The opening of the loop is good news for some people, bad news for others who will now have to post their tweets on LinkedIn manually. Word is twitter decided to end its partnership with LinkedIn after the latter’s recent password breach that resulted in 6 million passwords being hacked.

Twitter’s decision to bar the outside platforms is probably right as it has a growing number of users presently. Saying goodbye to the third party developers might mean losing the people that drive up traffic; but twitter also announced to introduce more tools earlier this year. The tools integrated by twitter have an advantage of more data to be created and accessed. Not that Twitter plans to brand itself as an independent platform like Facebook. But it wants to control how it looks and works.  Twitter is a step ahead from the social network giant Facebook, in the sense that it has managed with the mobile ads unlike Facebook.

The pros and cons of Twitter’s link-out from Linkedin will be seen sooner as the users get to experience it. Till then happy hash-tagging.


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