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You do not even remember what did you tweet last month. Usually updates on micro blogging websites like Twitter are not considered valuable worth remembering them. However, a firm named DataShift, syndicating of real-time Twitter data, has started to analyze your tweets as far back as January 2010. DataShift founder Nick Halstead says that this period covers 85 to 90% of what clients are looking for. Further, he calls it a service to extract valuable information from social data spread across the Internet.


Twitter has Granted DataShift Access to Tweets


Twitter has Granted DataShift Access to Tweets. Twitter has granted the first time such type of permission. According to DataShift website, “The amount of content that Internet users are creating and sharing through Social Media is exploding. DataShift offers the best tools for collecting, filtering and analyzing this data.”

Enormous amount of Data is being updated every day by billions of internet users on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You can easily estimate the volume of data knowing that there were 85 billion of Tweets just in 2011. According to the Forbes, it is very difficult to analyze this unstructured data manually. A better platform is needed to process such large volumes data and arranging it in a manner so that information can be fetched from it. The information extracted in this way is valuable and useful for companies to get an idea of what customers actually think of their products and services. This information will be helpful for business making new marketing strategies. Although you can do it on Twitter using its search function, but it only goes back seven days.

DataShift’s filtering and analyzing methods are not built only around keywords like simple search, instead, it can analyze tweets related to a topic even if it is not mentioned in the search.


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