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(This is a guest post from Gamifyd: inventors-in-residence at Click Labs. With games like Burt Destruction, Air Strike Classic and Candies With Friends, they’ve learned a lot about getting into different Android app stores and having a successful presence in each one.)

You really can’t underestimate Android. With 70% global market dominance, Android phones and tablets carry immense power and potential in the mobile app market.

That, and the fact that Android stores are open – meaning developers can promote and sell their apps in as many Android stores as they like – which is quite different from the selling options for platforms like iOS, Bada and WP7. Channelizing apps on multiple outlets enhances visibility and ultimately helps developers achieve more downloads in the Android market.

Click Labs develops amazing Android and iOS appsWhy Android Rocks

Aside from getting more exposure, Android stores let developers set their rating preferences and give them simple and total control over how their app is put up for sale. Moreover, each store is completely and totally unique from the others, so developers can tailor descriptions and ASO strategies for each specific store, increasing their downloads and reach to different, segmented target audiences.

Because there are multiple Android app stores, the healthy marketplace competition provides a system of checks and balances that act in favor of developers. For instance, the main Android app store prevents developers from changing pricing from free to paid and back again… but this isn’t the case for other stores like Appia.

Also, even though each store is distinct from the others, having a presence on multiple Android app stores nurtures the common goal of successful visibility and sales. It might be unintentional, but some Android app stores derive sales from others. This means your free product in SlideMe can also enhance your sales elsewhere in the Android market.

Drawbacks of Multiple Android Stores

Though the Android market offers awesome benefits, it also has certain setbacks, and compatibility is a big one. Some smart phones are obsessed with particular stores, and their compatibility with apps from other stores is a serious concern. If the differences between particular Android stores are ignored, developers run the risk of losing a significant market.

It’s also not rationally possible to have a good presence in all the app stores. Each store has a set of unique guidelines and adhering to every single one complicates the entire process, making the end result overwhelming and painstaking.

Ultimately, it’s all about picking and choosing which Android apps stores are the most successful and most developer-friendly. There are a handful that have proven especially beneficial for gaming apps:

Appia, leading mobile user acquisition network,1. Appia

Appia is the leading mobile user acquisition network, delivering millions of mobile app downloads to over 1 billion users across more than 200 countries.

Pros :

  • SDK is lightweight and easy to deploy – the file is Supports both ad display and AppWall integrations so you can optimize content for your customers’ behavior.
  • Capitalize on additional revenue with its unique ad formats.

Cons :

  • For paid apps, payment is withheld until $250 is reached.
  • App submission requires explicitly indicating compatible devices, screen sizes, etc.
  • The submission process is a pain, and isn’t intuitive. You can’t have any assets with the same name between two different apps, and have to puzzle out the difference between OTA files and download files and figure out where the .apk file should go (For Android apps add the .apk as an OTA file).

 on-device application store, Slideme2. Slideme

Slideme provides an ‘on-device’ application store for device vendors and applications for niche markets based on geographic location, devices, payment method or even the types of applications users can’t find in traditional channels.

Pros :

  • The submission process is easy and the application is updated within 24 hours.
  • Easy downloads and is used by a huge number of users


  • You can’t upload a file more than 66 MB
  • One can only attach single APK file during uploading.

Samsung Apps, one of the greatest app store 3. Samsung App Store

Samsung stands as a great app store market for Android apps. It is one of the pioneers in the field of mobile technology and is one of the oldest Android store markets.

Steps: The app will get uploaded within 3 steps:

  • basic information
  • display information
  • final review

Pros :

  • One of the best app stores and features all the famous applications
  • Gets a huge number of Android users
  • It supports apps with smooth gameplay


  • It is very strict with the smoothness factor
  • Parental rating should be correct
  • The uploading process is not very easy

mobiles24, app development platform for developers4. Mobile 24

This is another great platform for the developers. It has a great outreach, efficiency, and a huge user base.

Pros :

  • Easy updation
  • Good traffic

Cons :

  • Screen shots not more than 500kb
  • File not more than 70 MB

Amazon Appstore, mobile app distribution network5. Amazon

This is another app store that highly favors developers. Amazon Mobile App Distribution allows developers to sell apps on Amazon and Kindle Fire. The Amazon Mobile App SDK provides APIs, tools, and resources to leverage the features and services offered by Amazon.

Pros :

  • The process of updation is easy

Cons :

  • Though easy, the updation process is long
  • Keywords can not be updated once published

AppsLib, mobile software distribution platform6. Appslib

Appslib has an install base of over 2 million tablets worldwide. Appslib is open worldwide, even for paid-for apps, thanks to payment via Paypal. It is a great platform for Android apps.

Pros :

  • Easy updation
  • Most viewed website for apps.

soc.io is a one-stop-shop for everything Android7. Soc.io Mall

Soc.io Mall is a one-stop-shop for everything Android: from apps and games to books, music, videos and more. They provide thousands of apps, games, free e-books, audiobooks, and music.

Pros :

  • easy updation

Cons :

  • less traffic

camangi market, global android playstore8. Camangi

It is a global Android playstore, but caters to the Chinese market.


  • Easy updation


  • Less traffic

Mobango, universal mobile store community9. Mobango

MOBANGO is the first universal mobile community that allows cell phone users to publish, convert, and share with friends all kinds of user generated content -via the web and mobile devices- for personalizing and empowering the new cell phone’s generation

Pros :

  • It has good value and user traffic

Cons :

  • Long process of publishing

Pdassi android appstore10. Pdassi

It carries lots of Android apps and has a user-friendly platform.


  • Well known, caters worldwide


  • Long process, takes times in publishing.

Chinese Android Market

China is second on app store installs but did not rank among the top five in Google Play rankings. “China is a unique market because it isn’t dominated primarily by the iOS App Store and Google Play,” App Annie said.

It is not necessary that the app should be in the Chinese language.

The main Android App Stores in China are –

General Guidelines

  • Listed below are a number of technical issues developers should be aware of to ensure their game or app sails smoothly through the various app store submission and certification processes:
  • Handle the back and menu buttons – Ensure the back button takes the user to the previous screen or menu and that the menu button brings up your in-app / game menu
  • Deep linking – If you add links into your app that point to other apps available on another app store (and the store you are submitting to), then ensure the links point to the version on the app store that you are submitting to. For example, if you submit a free / lite version of your game to the Amazon app store, then ensure the buy link points to the paid version on the Amazon app store and not some other app store. The same thing goes for advertising other app stores within your app.
  • Screenshots – Ensure your screenshots are of the most up to date version of your app. If your app is ad supported, then ensure the screenshot shows the ads. (Our last build of Funky Cam 3D failed on this one.)
  • Make sure that your on-device app icon reasonably matches the icon you use to represent your app on the app store.
  • Screenshots should be added according to the requirements.
  • Ensure that you increment your app version every time you submit a new version.
  • If your app requires some kind of special testing, let the app store know up front.
  • If you know for certain your app does not work on certain devices, let the app store know right away.

Have a question or a requirement? Get to know the best app store optimizers, developers and designers for expert guidance on android app store optimization and/or Android Application Development services HERE.


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