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To Bot or Not to Bot is no longer the question

Yahoo has jumped on the Bot Bandwagon and it’s getting it noticed if nothing else. The monkeying around has been amusing the internet recently with Yahoo launching, not one, not two but four bots on the Facebook messenger. Yahoo finally took the approach to go where the traffic was, rather than driving the traffic to itself. To get a taste of the Yahoo bots all you have to do is message @YahooNews for your fix of the trending stories and/or dig deeper into the juicy bits that you want to know more of; @YahooWeather, this bot will give you the down low on the weather with the gorgeous Flickr images that’ll remind you of the bygone summer holiday. Messaging @YahooFinance will help you keep up and running with the bulls and bears with the stock trends, this bot is exclusively on Facebook messenger and will be quite a delight for all the folks who want their stock news handy.

To Bot or Not to Bot is no longer the question

Let the weather bot tell you if you’ll be needing an umbrella or an extra dollop of sunscreen!

You've got four, to choose from.

If all these bots fail to impress you and if all you’re looking for is a little down time, you can message @MonkeyPet a Maldivian monkey that goes by the name Boo that sends you selfies from its travels around the world if you nourish it with food emoji and attention. Monkey Pet is a Tamagotchi style virtual pet robot that will make you envy him as you sit and browse through his adventures, while having none of your own.

All that being said, even though Yahoo’s main properties are now in bot format on two of the most popular messengers, it’s worth a mention that Yahoo doesn’t have what it takes to support chat bots on its own app, which was rebuilt to be fast to adapt to the current communication space. Yahoo showed up at the Facebook bot market that was already abuzz with more than 11,000 chat bots, hoping to gain more exposure and provide its more popular services a platform, with Yahoo News, weather and finance getting a bag full of views, Yahoo seems desperate for any kind of attention it can get as of now, and it seems like they played their cards right.


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