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Our most recent Startup Saturday was one of the most interesting thus far.

Keynote speaker Karan Checker of SNA Power’s Software & Technology Division and Starup Elves runs a boutique development center and came to discuss tech-based startups and the place of advancing robotics in the tech industry.

He showed off his hobbyist 3D printer and quadcopter drone, and discussed the process of building the two items with fellow tech-minded entrepreneurs in the crowd.

Checker and other participants discussed how 3D printer businesses like Makerbot could shape the future, and people from robotics experts to 3D game animators were chiming in with ideas.

The discussion around drones like the quadcopter revolved around solving basic technological issues like battery power for hobbyist drones to how drones as a whole are emerging as commercial products.

Flying 3D Printed Quadcopter Drone

Karan Checker discussing how 3D printers work.

Making a Quadcopter drone by 3D printing

Checker and event guests discussing the quadcopter drone after the event.

How a Quadcopter drone works

Preparing the quadcopter for flight.


Have you ever worked with 3D printers or drones? What did you think? What opportunities are there for entrepreneurs working with these items? How will they shape the future?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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