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Almost every week I speak with someone starting a mobile game development startup. I wanted to do a small post giving them the facts so they have the perspective they need to make an informed decision. Here we go:

1. Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and that too at a huge size. The primary reason is two folds- mobile gaming has gotten serious gamers to spend more and more time on their mobile devices with increasing standards of games. Secondly, there are many first time casual gamers hooked on to addictive games that make boredom a thing of past.

2. Mobile gaming is insanely competitive. At last count, iOS App Store had more than 1.2 million apps and it is almost impossible to make a game and expect people to just start playing. It is a mature business where you have to have a great quality product and a surgically executed launch and marketing strategy. Even then, getting an Angry Bird sized success by design is getting tougher and tougher.

3. iOS and Google App Stores are not the end of the world. Most people feel that mobile gaming is a hit or miss business. In reality, there are numerous distribution channels that you can distribute your games on and build small but almost sure shot revenues. Distributing your games in the newer gaming markets like China, India, Brazil and Russia can be pretty lucrative. The ARPUs are pretty low but the sheer number of gamers more than makes up for it.

In conclusion, if you understand and love games and you are thinking of becoming a game developer, it is a great business to get into for at least a 5 year horizon. If you are planning to create a game and make a quick buck, you better try something else.

Click Labs has a vast experience in customized game development for mobile and will be happy to help you bring your mobile game idea to reality. Get in Touch to schedule a Free Consultation session with our experts.


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