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Click Labs recently conducted an open house session for the students of Snehalaya Child Care and Vocational Training Center (Maloya, Chandigarh). Our team introduced the students to the steps of mobile app development using the sketches the students had previously drawn. (See Part 1 of the store here for more information)

Our team is designing a multi-platform mobile atlas app for children. The app, aimed at Anganwadis and primary or elementary schools across the world, will be launched soon in app stores.

Highlights of the Open House

When the children came for the open house session, they met our development and design teams who showed them how their artwork is being integrated in the app.

The children were introduced to the process of game and app development. The session was carefully designed to introduce the children to the world of app designing. Our team briefed the kids about the various stages of app development and the role played by everyone involved in its production.

How a mobile application develops

The Idea

The educational app aims to build a self-sustained system of learning. Twenty-seven students, ages 7-15, from Snehalaya attended the open house session.

The children had contributed pencil and crayon sketches of flags, animals, symbols, etc. These illustrations were used by our team as wireframes of the app that will be used by parents and teachers of 3-6 year old children.


Anganwadis in India have a broad child care plan for the 0-6 age group. The children learn through props and games, have a nourishing lunch, take a short noon nap and return home. The Atlas app will be another useful tool to enhance their learning experience. The app is useful for primary schools and teachers for 3-6 year olds.

The app features a comprehensive world map tagged with facts and graphics of various countries. It includes information like country shape, flags, national animals, symbols, etc., and even quizzes and puzzles to make learning fun.

This project is a part of a series of educational apps that Gamifyd is designing for children worldwide. Every app in this series follows the US Common Core standards, offering the students, teachers and parents a well-defined teaching plan. The app will be easily available for use through volume purchase programs from the App Store and Google Play for Education.

Coming Soon

The app will be launched on App Store and Google Play soon. Three other educational apps from the series will be launched by the end of August. Eventually, each of these apps will be made available through App Store’s volume purchase program or VPP, that enables an institution to buy an app in bulk and distribute it among its students and teachers.

The app will also be launched on Google Play for Education, Google’s bulk distribution program to be launched later this year.


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