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Click Labs educational app for snehalaya kidsClick Labs collaborates with Snehalaya to make educational apps
Mobile apps are the way of the future in every industry – even education. Already, high-tech classrooms are using tablets and educational apps for kids to reinforce lessons learned through traditional lecturing in a fun, interactive way.

Children enjoy these learning tools for their video game-like feel, and teachers love them because of their ability to reinforce lessons and give practice exercises students enjoy, increasing their retention of information.

In partnership with the Snehalaya home in Chandigarh, where our Indian office is based, we’re creating mobile apps for learning, and involving the children directly in the design, creation, and testing of the apps. The average age of the children staying at this home is 11 years old, so the apps designed by them will be used for them in their own classrooms.

Now: Design Stage

Right now, we’re working with the students to create and collect all the illustrations for a world geography app that helps students remember facts about different countries around the world. They’re designing all the different screens of the app and drawing all the quizible items like flags, national birds, country shape and so on.

Future: App Creation & Testing By Snehalaya Children

Once we get the final illustrations collected from the children, we’ll invite them into the Click Labs office to test the app and give us their feedback. After all, it’s their app as much as it is ours. We’ll spend the day with them and show them how we work, so they can see how their hard work on the illustrations is getting turned into a really cool app.

(ETA: Click here to read part 2 of this story about our open house.)

Non-Profit Contributions

Any profits we make from the sales of the app once it’s fully developed and available in app stores will be contributed directly back into the Snehalaya Home to improve the educational quality of the children staying there.



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