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I am often interrogated with one question, “What are the benefits of working in a Startup?” And I always convince the curious souls with one (standard!) answer, “Besides the laid-back and chilled-out work environment, and mutual hatred for formal clothes; startups try the untried.”

However, many people would advise the otherwise. Nasty notions like startups are too new to try something ‘unconventional’ from their core business has crept into people’s mindset. The most proffered advice is, “ Focus on what you’re supposed to do and do.” So when we came up with an idea of starting the BootCamp, game designing and application development training program, two words ‘bad’ and ‘idea’ were all we heard during the planning process.

However, in spite of our sour ears, we decided to go ahead with this ‘unorthodox’ step.

Apart from encouraging the budding developers to create their own applications and games, BootCamp is initiated to teach them the ropes of the startup culture. As is an established fact, startups promote innovation. When you work in a startup, you do not follow. You lead. A startup is in itself a feisty and dynamic world, where everyone is passionately working towards the same goal of making the company big. No hierarchies, negligible power distance, and complete freedom is what awaits you if plan on working in a startup or even better, establish one.

BootCamp; which offers 4 courses- GA Mechanics, M.A.D-Android, M.A.D-iPhone and IOT-A; started on a great note. The initial response was great and as the word spread, we faced more and more difficulty in expanding the seating area for the trainees. “I wouldn’t want to miss a single session” is what a trainee has been heard expressing. So defying notions, our initiative to train enthusiastic learners and letting them try their hands at application development has proved to be a phenomenal success.

Chances are high of BootCamp going from being a one time camp to an yearly camp or who knows, it can be 6 monthly! Thus folks, keep your fingers crossed. And stay tuned for many more posts on how Click Labs is Breaking Stereotype.

At Click Labs, we understand how critical it is for budding Software Engineers and Technology Enthusiasts, to get a good Industrial Training experience. We also understand the issues faced by students at most of many industrial training centers. Our Bootcamp is an initiative to bridge this gap. So if are interested in training for Gaming & Mobile Application Development, Register NOW and learn to make awesome mobile apps and games.


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