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Pressly- a mobile publishing platform is getting a lot of attention for raising $1.5 million on 12th March, 2013 in external funding from OMERS Ventures and iNovia Capital. The company was initially functioning behind the curtains since 2011 and now it hits a public debut with a huge investment for a startup.

If you are a publisher or marketer struggling to seize the attention of the smartphone audience then Pressly provides you the access to quick creation of websites that are smartphones and tablets friendly. The source is HTML5 based content combined with the customizable templates that make it so fast that Jeff Brenner, CEO of Pressly says, “ In the time it takes to load a web page, you can hook your readers with an amazing mobile experience.”

According to him “Pressly is the perfect platform for organizations with a content marketing strategy, such as B2B marketers, as well as traditional publishers.”

Pressly’s engine has already passed through the pages of The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper & in the publication called Electionism and also fetched fame by producing branded content marketing pieces for global companies like IBM and Toyota. Yet the marketing director Tobin Dalrymple seems discontented by getting covered just by those traditional publishers and explains that by saying “Pressly has been specifically building in features which would allow it to enhance lead generation for content marketers.”

Consequently Pressly got prominent in public as per what Brenner says “Last month Pressly started rolling out its platform to thousands of early beta users, and the response has been overwhelming from clients.”

Brenner acclaims “Our product gives businesses a fast and easy way to take their huge investments in content to mobile users everywhere, in a beautiful, highly engaging way.”

OMERS Ventures and iNovia Capital seemed quite excited about their investments when the top brass of the companies were interviewed about the news.

“We know brands and publishers are looking for a platform to amplify their message on mobile devices – which is a far cry from the keyboard and mouse world. Pressly absolutely nails it with this product,” said Karamdeep Nijjar, a Principal at iNovia Capital.

“At OMERS Ventures we invest in companies we believe can become global leaders. We think Pressly has huge potential due to its innovative products, strong management team and continuing market traction,” said Derek Smyth, Managing Director of OMERS Ventures.


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