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Manage inventory across warehouses and streamline warehouse operations to improve fulfillment time of orders, boost the bottomline of your business, in turn, increase customer satisfaction.

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Point of Sale

Know your inventory

Control inventory using barcodes to make the right purchase decisions. Maintain a centralized database for product bundles and variants

Secure Payments

Set and accept various payment methods like debit/credit cards, cash or gift coupons. Manage returns and refunds hassle-free

Win Customer Loyalty

Maintain customer information to acquire and retain customers with promotional messages and e-mails

Role-based user profile

Create role-based user profiles for employees. Track employees' activity and hours with ease.

Core Warehouse Platfrom Features

Stock Control System

  • View information of inventory using SKU
  • Manage warranty and returns with serial number
  • Define product bundles and variants
  • Run quality checks on your inventory anytime with ease

Barcode Scanning

  • Print barcode labels and images for each item
  • Scan barcodes to know supplier details, location, and pricing
  • Adjust inventory levels during receiving and shipping
  • Get inventory levels to forecast inventory accurately

Order Management

  • Create packing slips to generate shipping labels
  • Share purchase orders and sales order via email
  • Track shipments till package reach customers
  • Integrate with payment gateways for smooth transactions

Multiple Warehouse Management

  • Manage data across all warehouses in a centralized location
  • Track transfer of stock from one warehouse to another
  • Gather insights of different warehouse from comprehensive reports

Reports and Analytics

  • Make informed decisions using real-time analytics
  • Extract and analyze information from comprehensive reports
  • Obtain reports like supplier information, purchase orders, stock summary and many more
  • Provide role-based access for employees to view reports

Warehouse key Features

Juggernaut also features sales management tools, which allow users to track leads and opportunities and create price quotes.

  • salary Managing sales
  • network Managing Procurement
  • statements Reporting
  • map Location Management
  • benefit Supplier Performance
  • compensation Tracking sales

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