Atypical Bussiness

Maintain and control your business’ warehouse through every step of the process. Includes asset tracking, logistics, and managing day-to-day operations in a warehouse to help fulfil everyday orders.


Benefits of using Warehouse Management Software in your organization::

  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Improve inventory accuracy.
  • Manage current information of order, receipts, shipments.
  • Improve customer service.

Tools We Provide

Work Order

Create a plan to help your team to gain clarity on the activities that need to be performed. Track processes to make the necessary adjustments, while including the costs of the components to be applied to the increment of the finished good.

Production Plan

Optimize the use of raw materials, machines and human resources to improve efficiency and satisfy the continuous supply and demand.

Stock Entry

Track the utilization of the resources across warehouses and between warehouses.


Track and convert actual hours worked to billable hours. Monitor time taken by employees to perform activities that are assigned to them.

Stock Transactions
Stock Reports
Items and Pricing
Serial No and Batch
Key Reports
Other Reports
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