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Inventory Management helps in controlling and managing the day-to-day operations in your warehouse. Warehouse Management system streamlines inventory management, picking and shipping, and quality inspection.

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Tools We Provide

Juggernaut features inventory tools that help the business to track inventory levels using serial numbers and to optimize inventory management from purchase to payments.

Stock Control System

Monitor, assess, and control the stock levels from raw materials to finished goods in order to meet consumer demands. It also includes various inventory management features like purchase orders, location management, stock entry, stock summary, and many more.

Barcode Scanning

Scan and obtain inventory related information like purchase history, pricing, inventory levels using barcode scanners to eliminate errors in maintaining stock levels.

Order Management

Optimize the end-to-end lifecycle of an order from receiving the order to fulfillment thus, improving sales visibility and reducing backorders and delays.

Inventory Forecasting

Analyze and predict future sales by striking the right balance of maintaining the optimal level of the stock and cash flow to reduce inventory carrying cost and increase profits.

Purchase Order Management

Process orders quickly by sharing the purchase order details like suppliers’ information and budgets in a centralized location to eliminate errors and reduce time wasted in processing an order.

Quality Management

Monitor the quality of the inventory during any point using reports and analytics to ensure excellent customer experience and reorders.

Warehouse key Features

Juggernaut also features sales management tools, which allow users to track leads and opportunities and create price quotes.

  • Managing sales
  • Managing Procurement
  • Reporting
  • Location Management
  • Supplier Performance
  • Tracking sales

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