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Project Management

Manage your projects seamlessly with Juggernaut’s project management tools from start to end. Help your employees to understand their tasks and the time allocated to complete their tasks.


Juggernaut breakdowns complex activities like:

  • Resource Allocation.
  • Quality Management
  • Budgeting.
  • Cost Control Into Simpler Blocks.

Tools We provide:

Project Template

Create tasks that can be automatically populated. Define the number of days required to complete the project.

Gantt Chart

Assign them to your team members, and allocate time against each task. Also, track the status of each task.

Time Log

Use Time log to monitor tasks along with the costing of each task.


Use Timesheet to convert actual hours worked to billable hours, generate salary slips, work order operations and for internal references.

Project Management
Time Tracking
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