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Payroll errors are expensive. And, we are not talking about a couple of bucks. In the case of Wesfarmers, the Australian conglomerate had to pay over $15 Million back to 6000 employees due to payroll miscalculations. The company recognized this error when their industrial division upgraded to a new payroll system as part of their transition. 

Unsurprisingly, Wesfarmers is one of the many organizations that face similar situations.

There are two major reasons for payroll miscalculations: 

  1. Unclear Salary Structures for different employee types

  2. Incorrect assignment of salary structures

If you are a small business, maintaining salary structures on spreadsheets is easy. However, with the increasing independent contractors and varying taxes, it is difficult to manage all the payroll information on multiple spreadsheets. 

With HuskyHR’s payroll software, you can create salary structures and assign them to the employees without a hitch. Let’s look at how can you avoid payroll errors with well-defined salary structures in detail. 

Creating Salary Structure: 

Tip: Before you create salary structures, ensure you have clearly defined the salary components as per the latest payroll compliance rules. 

Benefit: A clear and well-defined salary structure will not only benefit you but also your employees. It provides your employees with a thorough breakdown of their salary and how much tax is deducted. Additionally, you can preview the salary slip once you have saved the salary structure.

How you can do it: 

  • Specify the payroll frequency. It can be monthly, bi-weekly or even daily. It depends on your employee type. 

  • Customize the payslips by including the company letterhead. 

Setting up a new salary structure
  • You can also synchronize the salary based on the timesheet. Enable the option and mention the required salary component. This will ensure your payroll is processed according to the timesheet.

Enable TImesheet along with Salary Structure
  • And finally, specify the individual salary components. Once you have mentioned the necessary details, hit the save button. 

Define Salary Components – Earnings and Deductions

Refer to our product documentation for more information.

Assigning Salary Structures: 

Tip: Before you assign salary structures, ensure you have classified your employees correctly.   

Benefit: You can bulk assign multiple employees for the particular structure. This will help you to report payroll information accurately for tax purposes. Also, you can preview the salary slip for individual employees.

How you can do it: 
By clicking on the Assign salary structure, you can bulk assign the employees. 

Assign Salary Structure to Employees and Preview Salary Slips

Refer to our product documentation for more information.

With HuskyHR Payroll, you can relieve your payroll administrator of number-crunching and ensure your organization is 100%payroll compliant.


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