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HR Management & Payroll Solutions

Automate your HR functions with cloud-based HR solution. One solution for all your HR needs.

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  • Struggling to process payroll at the end of each month?
  • Switch to our in-built and secure Payroll Software.
  • Process payroll smoothly and effortlessly with a push of a button

Payroll Period

  • Payday is the happiest day of every employee. Here’s how you can make your employees smile.
  • Include tax slabs to different salaries as per government policies
  • Set a payroll period that best fits your organization

Salary Structure

  • Allows multiple salary structures for different salary grades with the flexibility to vary the salary for employees in the same grade
  • Customize salary structures for different employees with ease
  • Add components like HRA, conveyance and tax deductions in Earnings and Deductions
  • Enable payslips to be issued as per timesheets

Payroll Entry

  • Processing payroll will no longer be a hassle for your HR.
  • Provide a detailed breakdown of the salary components on the payslips
  • Automate payroll activities and process payroll in a single click
  • Save time by streamlining attendance and timesheets during payroll
  • Receive notifications to roll out payslips on time

Incentives and Appraisal

  • Retain top talent and best hires with the right incentives and appraisal.
  • Include the incentive and appraisal amount in the salary breakdown
  • Manage appraisals and incentives on a single platform
  • Set up the dates to roll-out the rewards seamlessly

Tax and Compliance:

  • Unburden your employees and HR with tax computations and payroll compliance.
  • Help your employees to plan their future with the right PF deductions
  • Enable tax deductions as per the taxable salary slabs
  • Update changing tax laws and compliance with ease

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