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Knockout Your Opposition Party with Party Punchout

Whenever I am quizzed about Politics, only air comes out of my mouth. But isn’t this the case with most of us? Even though national political system has the power to change the course of our lives, we still tend to show disinterest towards knowing more about the Political Representatives of our country. But worry no more! Thanks to Party Punchout, we can now learn and play politics in the fun and exciting way.Knockout Your Opposition Party with Party Punchout

Party Punchout, developed in collaboration with Click Labs, is one-of-its-kind political game app, combining the two interesting elements like gameplay, which revolves around the present political scenario; and out-of-app components, which provide campaign fundraising opportunities to Political Candidates who are running for the office at every level.

Party Punchout presents an excellent opportunity for all the Americans to know more about the beliefs and strategies of their Political Representatives. 64 years old Appreneur, Jeff Wrisley; who also ran for Congress in 2002, and has now teamed up with Click Labs to build this amazing gaming app; says “Many people think our political process is broken, corrupt and dominated by money.  While there is some truth in that, I still believe in the tremendous potential of informed voters to overcome the power of big money interests and make a difference at the voting booth. Many people don’t even know who their Senate candidates, their Representative candidates, or even their Gubernatorial candidates are. We wanted to find a way to harness the power of a mobile app, to allow the average voter to find out about his or her current political candidates, through a simple game.” He further added, “We hope that voters in general and teachers especially, will use this as a tool for education.  Our democracy depends upon voters being truly knowledgeable when they go to the voting booth.”Knockout Your Opposition Party with Party Punchout

Moreover, this gaming app platform can also be used by both incumbent and non-incumbent Political Candidates to  launch themselves, get their names out and connect with every household of the US. They can also link their Campaign Donation page to out-of-app feature of Party Punchout, and facilitate fundraising in the most convenient way.

To master at Party Punchout, all you need to do is type in your zip code to register for free, and select among the Republican or Democratic party affiliation you support. Then gear up to aim and shoot down the ‘ideological bubbles’ of the opposing party and collect points. Don’t poke your supporting party’s bubble, as you will end up losing points.

Jeff Wrisley believes that “What we have created is more than just another fun and challenging game app.  We have developed a whole infrastructure in support of our (US) democratic system, using the internet to effectively offer fun and information…for free.”

Download Party Punchout from Apple’s iTunes and Android’s Play Store Now!

Knockout Your Opposition Party with Party Punchout Knockout Your Opposition Party with Party Punchout

Click Labs teamed up with Jeff Wrisley to design and develop this mobile gaming app, which is based on a unique concept and storyline. If you have a mobile game idea, then we have just the right skills and resources for you. Contacts Us now and book your free consultation session with our Mobile Game Experts today.



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