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HR Management & Payroll Solutions

Automate your HR functions with cloud-based HR solution. One solution for all your HR needs.

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  • Manage new hires seamlessly with our digital onboarding software.
  • Engage new hires right from day one with an effective onboarding process.

Day one matters.

Studies show that great onboarding processes can increase employee retention by 82%.

  • Create a seamless onboarding process to retain your best hires.
  • Go green with a digital onboarding kit.
  • Engage new hires with a proactive orientation process.

Digital Onboarding Kit

Here’s how we will ensure the perfect first day for your employees.

  • Create onboarding templates to upload necessary documents and forms.
  • Upload employee handbook and policy documents with ease.
  • Help new joinees quickly finish formalities and engage with the team.

Proactive Orientation

Make the new hires feel part of the organization from the get go.

  • Create and assign activities for your new hires.
  • Schedule training sessions with their respective team leads.
  • Track the progress of the employee orientation with ease.

Performance Evaluation

Introduce new hires to your performance review process. Here’s why:

  • Provides a clarity to them what are their goals and expectations.
  • Gives them an insight right from the start to align their job responsibilities.
  • Reduces conflicts at the time of performance evaluation.

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