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Driven By Values, Practo Is Leading The Way In Improving Healthcare Access For Humanity with Tookan

Practo, headquartered at Bangalore, is a technology firm that enhances patient’s experience by revving-up clinics across India with simple technology products. Its first offering, “Practo Ray” is an easy-to-use online practice management software for doctors, and currently, is helping 8,000+ doctors to treat 3 million patients across India. Meanwhile “Practo Hello”, a cloud telephony solution has redefined the way doctors connect with their patients. Moreover with Practo.com, patients can now find doctors online in just a click. They’re on a mission to help mankind live healthier and longer. Everyday, billions of people struggle for better healthcare, and Practo wants to change that, globally!


The problems associated with on-demand healthcare delivery platforms is not new. The standard delivery procedure involves the customer ordering required medicines, a delivery person picking up and delivering them to the doorsteps of the customer. This outdated process puts immense stress and pressure on all stakeholders:

  • Field Force Tracking -Practo was not able to keep a track of Delivery agents when they were on field delivering medicines. There was nothing to keep track of delivery personnel, when making multiple trips to pick up location and deliver medicines to each customer. This in turn was resulting in wastage of both time and fuel.
  • Delivery proof - They needed a mechanism to collect an acknowledgement from the customer on receiving the medicines, which would instantly reflect in the system and can be saved for the future reference, if needed. It is important for every delivery business to collect a proof of delivery
  • Anxious Customers and Follow Up Calls - Practo use to get follow up calls from patients and families restless to know about their medicines’ delivery. Any call that went unanswered resulted in dissatisfaction and loss of customer.

Tookan helped recognize the long-existing issues with medicine delivery platforms, and strived to overcome them. Practo’s main emphasis was to opt for a reliable, fast, streamlined tool that could save time, and satisfy all stakeholders. Tookan’s amazing features simplified the messed up delivery operation for Practo.

  • Live Tracking -Live tracking feature on Tookan’s dashboard empowered Practo’s management to track each and every delivery agent on the go. They were now able to get a bird’s eye view of active and idle drivers which would help them in effective use of drivers and faster medicine deliveries.
  • Proof of Delivery -Practo was able to collect the proof of delivery instantly over the phone of the delivery agent. Tookan enabled them to collect the delivery acknowledgment in the form of an image, a signature and a note.
  • Automated Customers Notification -Automated Customers Notification” in Tookan assisted Practo in keeping their customers well informed with SMS and email notifications. It’s very important for a business specially the one in medical industry to keep patients well informed of the delivery status. Using Tookan, Practo is now able to send a live tracking link to their customers. This has removed anxiety and confusions, as customers can now track the delivery to their doorsteps.

With Tookan, the whole process of delivery task allocation was automated and simplified. Within minutes, Practo team could easily track as well as manage their fleet. This increased the acquisition of users significantly. Field workforce team was managed remotely without having to report and submit documents at office, thus saving time. Customers were satisfied as they were getting the timely notifications and were now able to track deliveries in real-time themselves.

Recent News
  • Practo hopes to expand its services to 100 cities across the country by the end of this year from 35 at present.
  • The company lists over 200,000 doctors, 10,000 hospitals, 8000 diagnostic centers and over 4000 wellness centers, receiving over 10 million searches a month across its website and apps.