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It is easy for any website owner to optimize their website with good content, navigation, title etc. but does that mean it’s a website and people would love to check it out. On-Page optimization and Off-page optimization together complete the process of SEO. Once you have started with the off-page optimization, a few quick tips must be kept in mind for the required workflow:

Directories : There are many online directories that are available for free submission. Submit your website into the category that best fits your services. Also, try submitting in your own regional directories to improve your local business.

Forums : Participation is important for every e-commerce firm. Participate in your industry relates forums and industry boards. Post your comments, thoughts and also provide a link to your website [without spam].

Blogs/ Articles : You must have your own official blog that would help you to post company updates, new product releases etc. Submit your blog with proper keyword tags which would help in your blog listing. Write fresh articles on topics related to your website and see your traffic increasing.

Bookmarks : Social bookmarking serves two purposes: it gets you incoming links and it popularises your website in your community. Make sure you put up keyword rich tags for your bookmarks.

A basic action plan helps to coordinate the SEO workflow for better results.


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