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Challenges Faced:

The health care industry aims to provide an excellent patient care experience. The health professionals not only help in diagnostics but also manages medical records, scheduling appointments, and billing.

But most of the requests are repetitive and can be cumbersome to manage when the in-patients entries are high.
Some of the repetitive requests are:

  • - Prescription refills
  • - Scheduling appointment
  • - Home visits for a routine check-up

NextJuggernaut's NLP chatbot helps in reducing the time spent on manual entries and filing. The chatbot assists patients with their requests without losing the human touch. It is trained to gather unstructured data and convert it into structured data. Also, the chatbot hosts the HIPPA compliant network to handle the requests. As a result, health professionals can focus more on providing primary care and less time on manual time.

Prescription Refills:

Initially, when the patient enters the conversation, the chatbot requests for the patient's reference id. The chatbot verifies the id, the last refill date, and the next refill date. Once the information is verified, the patient can get the refill done with ease.

Appointment Scheduling:

Hospitals and clinics often receive calls to schedule appointments. The patients are put on hold until the assistant checks for the doctor's availability. The patients tend to get impatient during this process.

Using NextJuggernaut's chatbot, patients can skip this entire process.

Firstly, the chatbot collects information like the patient's location and required department. Based on this information, the chatbot provides the list of available health professionals in that location. With this information, the chatbot lists the available time slots. The patient can choose the time slot. After gathering this information, the chatbot asks for general information like name, address and the health concern.

Routine Check-up:

Similarly, the appointment scheduling can also be used for home visits like routine check-ups for the elderly or prenatal care. The chatbot lists all the nearby health professionals, thus helps in scheduling the appointment.

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