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“You need to have a collaborative hiring process.”
– Steve Jobs, Apple

Recruitment is one of the crucial processes of any organization. Do you know why? Employees not only empower an organization but also shapes and drives the business ahead.

Today, recruiters have stepped up their game. Recruitment is no longer just hiring new candidates and letting top management to make the final decision. Whereas, it is a collaborative and strategic decision made by multiple people from the department head to the HR professional.

It might sound messy having too many decision-makers. To resolve this problem, Applicant Tracking Software enhances the recruiting process and helps in making better and quick decisions.

HuskyHR and Comeet are two such platforms that provide Applicant Tracking and Recruitment Software.

HuskyHR and Comeet empower businesses by automating HR processes.
One of the unique features of HuskyHR is its Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Software. It automates the traditional hiring processes like interview management, candidate tracking, and so on.

While Comeet also performs similarly and meets the requirements of an Applicant Tracking System, it does have its drawbacks. One such drawback is not having an in-built onboarding system.

If that’s the only feature missing, then why HuskyHR?

The table below gives a brief comparison of HuskyHR and Comeet. And, we have got something that you would love to have.

1. Beat the stress of Onboarding!

Each employee is onboarded the minute he or she applies for the job. Effective onboarding improves candidate experience.

Comeet does not have an inbuilt onboarding feature. You need to integrate with applications like Namely, Clickboarding or similar HRIS software. It may not look tough, but again using multiple software for a single process is definitely a hassle.

HuskyHR overcomes this problem with its all in one recruiting software. HuskyHR provides an inbuilt onboarding feature. HR professionals can easily customize the onboarding template as per their organization’s requirement. As a result, HR professionals can engage with the new candidates and help them have a smooth start right from day one.

2.Meet our AI-powered Recruitment Bot.

HuskyHR has its AI-powered chatbot to manage employee referrals and internal hiring.

HuskyHR Bot - Employee Referral
HuskyHR Bot – Employee Referral

What we noticed in small and medium businesses, employees often check with their HR for job openings. Or in some cases, some employees look for a change in role in the company.

Here, the chatbot answers questions like current opening, answers FAQs like the job description, skills required for the role. Employees can easily upload their referral’s resume on the system. After this, the ATS does its magic.

Small and medium business owners can easily streamline this process and save a lot of time answering repetitive questions.

3.Comprehensive and Customizable reports

Measuring recruitment effectiveness is important. And with comprehensive reports, an HR can identify the bottlenecks, time-to-hire and hiring patterns and trends.

Comeet offers pre-set reports. But they are not very extensive and customizable. However, HuskyHR provides an intuitive and powerful analytics dashboard where the HR can export reports based on the necessary filters like new hires reports, candidates sources report, current pipeline report and many more. This will help HR to focus on the areas they require improvement.

4.Know what you are looking for.

Comeet does not provide a free trial. However, HuskyHR understands that clients need to get hands-on experience of the product before they dive into a decision.

Keeping this in mind, HuskyHR offers a 30-day free trial period. During this trial period, HuskyHR provides a dedicated account manager who will help one in every step throughout the way. This includes 24/7 support and data migration.

5.Pricing? It’s $89/month.

HuskyHR wishes to keep its pricing scheme transparent to its clients. Small and medium businesses often end up losing time and money when they take up multiple roles to run their businesses. And handling multiple software is a tough task and is not cost-effective.

So, HuskyHR offers its recruitment software for $89/month with no additional set up cost.

We not only specialize in recruitment and onboarding, we also offer various HRM functions like payroll, performance management, and time tracking functions. You can take a look at it here.

In conclusion,
HuskyHR aims to automate recruitment processes to reduce your HR’s burden. With its user-friendly interface, effective onboarding process and its recruitment bot, HuskyHR ensures both HR and candidates are continually engaged and working collaboratively.

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