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The latest version of Microsoft Office was unveiled on Monday. Microsoft Office 2013 is very different from the its past versions. Why so? Well, this new Office is built for cloud, touch based computing and many new features making it more social than its last  versions.

Microsoft Office 2013 along with its cloud based version of the suit called Office 365, introduces the concept of “Office as a service”.  All of its features can be accessed by SkyDrive, which is its cloud storage service.

The company demonstrated its new applications which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote on Monday. There is no cluttering on the screen, rather more white space has been provided. Theses programs are built for the touch using finger or a stylus. The applications will also work well with keyboard and mouse.

Many changes have been noted in Word. First the user needs to log in and then they can see their recent used documents and templates. The user need not worry to remember where he/she last left the work. This new cloud-based service of Microsoft will retain things for you and take you to the exact point where you last left typing in a document.  The plus point is you can open your document on any other system.

Suppose that a group of people are working on the same document, and another user edits some part of that document. So next time when you login to the document you will automatically come to know who edited the document with the help of a pop up. Also you can send a mail right away to that person if he/she is online.

Talking about SharePoint, an application that manages documents, creates workflow and controls other business functions, has also been modified. The users can now like and comment on documents that other users have shared. SharePoint also recommends you whom to follow based on the project or document you are working on.

PowerPoint also has some changes in it. During a presentation the presenter can see on his screen what is being displayed through the projector and what next is to come. The presenter can prepare himself for the next slide in the meantime. Also there is an area for notes and clock, so that the presenter can keep a check on how long he/she has been speaking.

The new Microsoft will also include OneNote, which is a digital note taking tool, which can help in taking notes in a meeting. It can also help the user, if he/she wants to jot down meeting minutes. The participants information and the documents they have been collaborating on can also be collected through OneNote.

The new Microsoft Office is built in such a way that it works in harmony with Windows 8. Microsoft has recently acquired Skype, Perspective Pixel and Yammer. Hence it is bringing out a fantastic combination of all three in the form of  Microsoft Office 2013.

Microsoft has been facing competition with Google Docs, Gmail and other apps. But with the release of Microsoft Office 2013 this no longer remain a fight of how many users you win, but the fight will now focus on how loyal the users will remain.


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