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John Furneaux and Julie Hammers wanted to launch an online dating application, but quickly realized they didn’t want their app to include any of the major setbacks women face in the online dating world.

Online dating is an awful experience for most women for 3 fundamental reasons:

  • The internet is filled with creepy guys who turn out to be a real disappointment.
  • Women get bombarded with explicit and aggressive messages which are entirely unsuitable.
  • They face an issue of safety – many women feel uncomfortable venturing out to meet a guy they don’t know about other than what he’s written about himself and the pictures he’s posted.


Every girl’s typical online dating problems are met with a much needed solution: MyCuteFriend.

MyCuteFriend introduces women to trustworthy and eligible guys in San Francisco recommended by their female friends. John & Julie’s primary motive for this app is to provide better quality matches and communication.

Any woman who wants to join MyCuteFriend first recommends & invites three great guys from her friends’ list whom she is not interested in dating, but thinks would be a great catch for someone else. That’s the only way guys can be a part of the app – they can’t sign up on their own accord.

Knowing a guy is one of the three best guys another woman knows drastically reduces the number of creeps.

Once she’s made her recommendations, she chooses an ideal match for herself from the guys recommended by other ladies. She gets to pick up a guy she’s interested in – not the other way around.

A guy cannot contact or see a woman until she selects him and leaves him a message. So, no unwanted attention!

Also, if the guy wants to continue communication, he has to pay a one time fee (per girl) of $1 to reply back. This restricts the number of responses and gives only the guys interested in actually dating a chance to make their move.


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