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MongoDB releases version 3.2 | Know the exciting new features


MongoDB, the modern noSQL database has released version 3.2 with some excellent new features. In this new release, MongoDb has made it easier and more efficient for developers to fetch data and display it in an easy to understand visual form. Another key feature added by MongoDB in the newly released 3.2 version is that it has added document validation. We have listed some main features of Mongo DB version 3.6 in this post:

  • Real Time Insights: MongoDB 3.2 makes it possible to analyse data in real time. Real time data matters a lot for businesses in the on demand or sharing economy. Mongo DB has introduced tools and enhancements in version 3.2 that will let you tap into real time visual insights.
  • Document Validation: What was considered as a tough task has been made simple with MongoDB 3.2. Now you can customise and check document structure, data types, range and even the presence of mandatory field within the data base.
  •  Data Encryption at Rest: Adding another cap in security, MongoDB in their latest version 3.2 have added a new option of encrypting data at Rest. Industries who have security on the top of their mind can benefit with this feature.
  • Dynamic Lookups: With excellent BI and Visualization tools, MongoDB 3.2 gives you the ability to combine data across different collections. The new Lookups make it more flexibility for modeling data. Lookups have been made a part of the Aggregation Framework.
  • MongoScout Schema Visualization: MongoDB 3.2 has got a new graphical interface, the code for which has been named mongoScout. It helps developers understand their data structure in a better way.

MongoDB 3.2_social

MongoDB 3.2 features an improved algorithm which helps reduce the time interval between recovery and a primary failure. This allows the database to meet your requirements with greater speed. The new version also helps implement multi-data center deployments.

We here at Click Labs, use Mongo DB for data base in major mobile apps. Get in touch to know more!


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