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Planning to establish a mobile presence for your business? But the question is, what will be better for you, a website or an app or may be both? For a layman, mobile website or an app may have the same meaning. But in reality they both are very different from each other.Your needs will determine what you require, and on the basis of that you will find out your number of target audience, available budget, intended purpose and required features.

A mobile website is similar to any other website, it just includes HTML pages that are liked together and are accessed over internet. The only difference between the two is that mobile websites are designed for smaller handheld displays and touch screen interface. Whereas apps are applications that are downloaded and installed in your mobile.

But the questions remain which is better? App or website? An app will be better for you if you are developing an interactive game. But if you aim to provide content that is mobile friendly then a website would be a better option for you.

A mobile website have certain advantages that one should know. They have the advantage of quick accessibility, they are compatible and flexible in updating content. Websites are easy to found and the URL’s are easy to share and have greater reach.

An app is useful when you want to have interactive games, regular use, complex calculations and perform functions without any access to internet. If these are your objectives then go for apps.

The decision of going for a website or an app will be confusing as long as mobile possess excess scope within it. So if your motive is to provide content to the users and establish your mobile presence that can be easily shared and should reach the target audience, then mobile website is the one you need. But if you require something more interactive, user friendly and something that can work without internet access, then surely mobile app is best for you.


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