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If you have a website and are dealing in online business then the time has come to have a mobile version of your website. Many future customers are using internet on mobile rather using on desktops or laptops because it is portable and less expensive also.

So if you are not giving attention for creating a mobile version of the website then you are definitely missing a lot of opportunities for online business growth. So far mobile SEO is in its immature stage because it’s new trend to shop online via mobile, so its the right time to focus on this channel.

Here are few tips to optimize for mobile search considering the importance of mobile search :

1. Like in web search optimization, a lot of importance is given to meta data like Meta title, Meta description and H tags and they should be chosen carefully.

2. Create a separate CSS file for the mobile version of the website. Give a suitable name to it and it will render the website optimized for mobile without changing its content.

3. To create a mobile sitemap is easy and it’s similar to generating a general sitemap. It can be tried manually with the mobile sitemap generator tool which is easily available on the net and then submit it by logging in Google webmaster tool account.

4. Sloppy HTML and JavaScript codes can make your website invisible to the search engine so don’t overload your website with code thats not working properly. Keep it neat and useful.

5. Mobile search optimization is a process of making the website accessible for the mobile searcher. The website is optimized specifically for the mobile search query and made available for the mobile search engine result pages.

6. Mobile search engines Yahoo mobile and Google mobile are different in their way of indexing and ranking search engine result pages.

7. Recently, a survey revealed that SERP’s varied different according to each mobile device that means different users sees different results.

8. Focus on universal and local content distribution. typical mobile website marketing start with paid search advertising, business listings, web content etc. don’t forget to introduce YouTube, Wikipedia, Google reader and other web apps with mobile channels.

9. This new trend of mobile search optimization is getting highly popular and seems promising also. So, any online business today should concentrate on making a mobile website to expand more.


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