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After years and years of cash registers and bar codes, the use of mobile devices at point of sale (POS) is a welcome change. The technology has been adopted quickly and mobile POS (mPOS) solutions are advancing and scaling like few other things in the mobile world.

Every leading business, especially retail, is integrating mPOS solutions in their existing payment systems. And why not? The retail world is ready for a payment mode that is on-the-go and requires less time investment.

mPOS technology will only grow from here, thanks to broadened acceptance, promoting handheld devices and boosting sales.

Many Argue That An mPOS System Is Needed By Retail Businesses, Is It Really?

Is it feasible for a salesperson in a high-end retail store to attend to the customer with a handheld payment device, showing products to the customer and accepting payments all together? A salesperson has to scan the QR codes, remove tags and generate slips for buyers while they shop.



Before adopting mPOS technology, retailers must develop a strategy to leverage mobile payments to the maximum extent and design a seamless shopping experience for buyers. Retailers have to be careful while picking an mPOS system, primarily keeping in mind their nature of business. A reliable mobile payment system should:

  • Accept all credit/debit cards, among other payment modes
  • Have compliance with up-to-date security standards and must be designed to adapt to newer technologies
  • Be customizable according to a retailer’s requirement. This will be a good move from a marketing point of view as well
  • Be user-friendly and adaptable

Mobile POS is a boon for retailers. The selling point technology, payments and inventory management are made less cumbersome, especially managing cash, registers, payments, inventory charts, etc.

As a retailer, you must pick an easy-to-use mobile payment system that your staff will get friendly with soon. Ultimately, the goal behind employing an mPOS system is to integrate sales without having to be physically present.

What More in an mPOS System?

All leading mPOS systems have inventory control options for retailers. Inventory info is automatically updated in the software and a retailer can easily track the status of products in various categories. Along with this, another benefit of an mPOS solution is that it helps you go through numbers, to evaluate the pattern of sales through the year. You can see what products sell best during a certain period of time and organize your inventory accordingly.

If employed correctly, mPOS technology brings efficiency in a retail business. A retailer can make his business more operational with mobile payments, eventually driving more sales and increasing profitability.

Whether you’re offering an in-store shopping experience, an online e-commerce interface or a mobile shopping app, a good mobile payment system is a boon for any company. Converting a visitor into a buyer is a crucial point while selling, and a compliant mPOS can do it right.

mPOS Solutions for Lower Market Segments

Buyers today are preferring payment methods that are easier than before. And it’s not just the bigger brands that are targeting this feasibility but also the not-in-a-store sellers. Cards are being swiped at roadside vendors and flea markets as well. The ratio of shoppers is split among various market demographics and it is important to offer an equally good shopping experience to all, by providing a payment mode that is easy, convenient and suits all buyers.

Affordable, robust and user-friendly mobile payment systems are designed for the lower market segment, i.e., roadside vendors, flea markets and others. Companies have disintegrated the systems, depending upon requirement, to ensure maximum usage of mPOS in all industry segments.

Stay On Top of Work Management

Real-time and updated electronic financial records form one of the most alluring features of an mPOS system. Experts claim that mobile payments are beneficial for long-term economic growth. As the availability of mPOS systems increases, there will be more selling points and people will purchase more. It is easier to track expenses and transactional data with electronic payments, for both buyers and sellers.

Transactional details keep a monthly record of your payment schedule, generating a credit score for you which is helpful for various financial matters. If you have a good credit score with a bank, you get approved for a loan in comparatively lesser time.

Mobile POS is an emerging business technology that only gives you a broader vision of the future of retail. Employing an mPOS system will give your business more leverage, optimizing your selling point for maximum sales and keeping you updated with transactional data.


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