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She is 37 years old, Google’s 20th and the first female employ. She joined the internet giant in 1999 after completing her degree from Stanford University. Marissa Mayer, has been appointed as the CEO of Yahoo. It will be a great responsibility on her part to fulfill her duties and at the same time avoid the fate of other company executives who have run Yahoo.

Before joining with Yahoo, she was handling Local, maps and location services for Google. She is now the sixth CEO of Yahoo. In the last five years, Yahoo executives have done little to improve Yahoo’s identity. Now it is up to Mayer how she improves Yahoo identity with the help of 700 million monthly users.

The problem that Yahoo is facing at the moment is that, no doubt it has the largest audience on the web with 700 million monthly users. But the users just read news and then switch back to their other favorite search engines. So Yahoo has missed two biggest trends on internet : social networks and mobile devices as a gateway to information and entertainment.

Yahoo was once the biggest seller of display ads. But now its position has been replaced by Facebook and Google. In 2008 Yahoo’s total share in online display ads market was 18.4%, which has drastically dropped to 9.1%. Facebook and Google rule the market with 16.8% and 16.5% respectively.

The first thing that Mayer would be doing will be to thrust a vision for Yahoo. Then she would be going on a maternity leave in a few months. Mayer is expecting her first baby in October. She has already had a word with Yahoo about her pregnancy before being announced as a CEO.

Undoubtedly Mayer was the first choice for Yahoo, looking at her vast experience, credits and work accomplished. Everybody would be eyeing on her to see how she lifts Yahoo’s identity, grab the two things it has missed initially and have a strong come back to regain its original position in the display ad market.


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