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We love to see our partners and clients thrive as a result of the work we do for them, and we’re thrilled every time their apps give them better ROI and endless client accolades.

One of the most significant places we’ve seen our clients’ marketing ROI improve exponentially is in the restaurant business. It’s no wonder – restaurant loyalty program members visit almost twice as often and spend nearly four times as much as regular customers.

With the data we’ve gathered from the restaurant industry and seen from working closely with our restaurant-based clients, a mobile solution is the best marketing strategy that a restaurant can adopt. We’ve developed a mobile solution for iOS and Android devices that is simple and easy to adapt into any current restaurant’s loyalty program and/or marketing strategy.

In the Slideshare above, we present data on smartphone usage by restaurant customers, why customized apps can be your best restaurant marketing idea, are better than mobile sites and template-based apps you make yourself, and cost comparison statistics.

We also show you our solution and it’s backend management panel so you can get a feel for how you would be able to easily manage a marketing campaign aimed at your mobile customers when you make a restaurant app. In case you want to discuss it further, feel free to contact us


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