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To compete with Facebook’s Like and Share, Twitter’s Follow and Google Inc.’s Google +1 button, LinkedIn has launched its new Follow Company button.  Now Brands can embed  LinkedIn’s this new “Follow Company” button on their home pages.

“Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of LinkedIn’s Follow Company button.”,  Announced Mike Grishaver, the senior product manager in the company on LinkedIn’s blog  on Monday Feb 27.  Many brands have started to add the “Follow Company” button to their websites. This will make it easy for their online clients and customers  receiving important updates from the brand’s website automatically  in their LinkedIn feeds. American Express,  AT&T, Starbucks and many other IT industry giants have committed to add this new feature on their homepages.


LinkedIn has Launched Its New Follow Company Button

LinkedIn’s ‘Follow Company’ Button


In his blog post on official LinkedIn Blog, Mike Grishaver explained that if you are already logged into LinkedIn account, you just have to click the Follow Company button. Otherwise, you will be asked to sign in first. He also added a video explaining how to find and follow a company on LinkedIn including the latest feature.

One of the top three Social Networks on the Internet, LinkedIn disclosed in a press release that it has 150 million users across the glob. Since the Google Inc. launched its product Google+, LinkedIn has started to put extra effort to keep up its place as a marketing platform for brands and professionals.


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