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It’s getting cumbersome to download, setup, oversee and switch between a variety of applications on our cell phones. Here lies the open door for brands to give an interface that can be summoned by any customer when required, without the need to eat up any space on the smartphone. Lo and behold! Introducing
Chatbots- Changing the way brands interact with customers, at lightening speed!

A chatbot is a piece of software that is intended to simulate a conversation with a human, with the aim of completing a business transaction / exchange. Chatbots use Natural Language Processing which is a type of Artificial Intelligence, to react to orders or demands for data, which is a step up from past bots that examined for keywords and sent clients the most important answer from a database.

Microsoft’s late chatbot PR debacle regardless, brands are on the cusp of a bot blast. Advertisers from Dutch Airlines KLM to magnificence retailer Sephora are hoping to benefit from the time shoppers spend on informing applications like Facebook Messenger, Kik and Slack by building up their own particular robotized informing interfaces — which empower everything from monetary exchanges to customized excellence instructional exercises.

All things considered, clients will have the capacity to ask the chatbot addresses pretty much as they would when hunting down data on Google.

Bots set to Revolutionize Brand – Customer Interaction

Powered by chatbots, new age style of communication channel will lead to a disruption in the business purchase funnel right from initial customer communication, making online transactions and providing after-service customer support.

  1. Customer Service- Bots can deliver instant, hassle free and personalized customer service experience. All generic aspects of customer service – your customer can get information on her account, seek help with completing a transaction, provide feedback or register a grievance. This allows for noteworthy cost savings in your call centers.
  2. Personalised Customer Engagement- Since bots learn with experience, you can specifically target your customers based on their past behaviour and keep them informed about events, deals or news, you think they will be interested in.

Chatbots- Areas of operation

  1. Online Shopping- No more browsing through numerous catalogs in multiple sections of a website. Let the bot know what you want and it will display all the options available. Select an item, place an order and track. All through a single messaging app.
  2. Restaurants- Chatbots will now allow you to have your cake and eat it too. With our noses poked into smartphones 24*7, we might as well get food to accompany us. A bot displays the menu, takes your order and helps you keep track of your order without going through the hassle of downloading multiple apps
  3. Cab Booking services- You can message a bot to book a taxicab. To do that, you should be signed into your account through Messenger for the component to work. With the advent of bots, more and more organizations will switch to help their customers book rides without any struggle.
  4. Book a flight- For an airline, you can book a flight and check in via a chatbot. An airline bot can message you if your flight is delayed or even send you your boarding pass
  5. Concierge services- Take the case of a hotel that can utilize a bot to handle all concierge services requests. You can specifically associate with the bot affirming your inclinations, necessities and precise time of entry. You can ask for a taxi for a city tour the following day, book a back rub at lodging spa or request room benefit all from an emissary interface.
  6. Delivery- You can now get any item delivered to any address using a few commands on the bots without having to worry about the mundane formalities.
  7. Improve work process within the business organization- As a personal assistant, a bot can help you schedule a meeting (e.g. Amy by x.ai), remind you of important dates and to-dos or pass information to IoT.  A statistics bot can help run analytics on information/data you share with it. 

Fugu Bots: How we are powering the new age phenomenom

At Fugu, we like to stay ahead of the curve. We have developed technology that can power these chatbots on any of the platforms including Facebook, Slack, Telegram among others. Our chatbots are designed for learning consumer behaviour over time and provide a truly personalized experience. Some of the salient features:

  1. AI engine – AI engine working at the core enables your bot to understand the context of user statements, process it and provide most relevant response. The responses are not only based on keyword identification.
  2. Customized makeup – Specifications for your bot are finalized on the basis of purpose of the bot and and the kind of business you are in.
  3. Rich media communication – Communication with customers support text, pictures, animations, videos, links, check boxes, click to select.
  4. Seamless Transition – You can still deploy a smaller customer support team to respond to more ‘human’ statements that bot will take time and learning to understand accurately. Transition between an automated bot response and a human response for the same customer interaction is seamless and customer experience is not interrupted.
  5. Auto-scaling / Always Available – You can engage with any number of customers simultaneously, provide them instant feedback and not get restricted by time of the day, shift arrangements or number of customer support executives you have.
  6. Continuous Learning – The bot learns with each new interaction, gets more clarity on context and holds more meaningful conversations over time.
  7. Multi-channel sync – The conversation flows seamlessly across different channels you are using to engage with your customers.
  8. Analytics – Businesses get access to real-time analytics on number of requests served, conversations made, links clicked, sales done, etc.
  9. Recommendation engine – A built-in component that identifies user’s areas of interest and preferences to accordingly send out recommendations to trigger specific actions.

Jump on the bandwagon of engaging and serving your customers through chatbots. Make no delay and get your own chatbots now!


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