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Traffic is useless without conversions. Companies get paid only when conversion happen. The most important factor for a high conversion rate of a particular URL is to have a well optimized landing page. If your landing page is well designed and there is a clear call to action, it will lead to high conversions.

Your visitor’s time is precious and if your landing page is not creating interest then it would prove as wastage of time for him this will result in click out and a wasted visit. A recent study about landing page by Silverpop entitled “8 seconds to capture attention” researched the best suitable practices in the design and deployment of landing pages for best results.

Relevant, high quality Content

When it comes to internet marketing, content is king and probably always will be. If content is relevant and and interesting, your conversion will definitely be good. The content should be relevant to the product/service that is being promoted and at the same time, clear calls to action should be there to get the visitor to convert. Try to understand the state of mind of your visitors when they are on your page. Most of the time they are researching before buying and would often reread the pages they like many times before they actually buy. If yours can be the page people read when they are making buying decisions, your content has served its purpose.

Layout is Critical

Studies shows that most popular landing page was a single column and 36% of successful landing pages are following the same pattern. 14% people liked 2 columned landing pages while only 1% people liked 3 columns. Box and postcard format of landing pages is also very popular. 25% of all pages are setup with boxes while 22% with postcards.

When the layout is studied and differentiated between B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to client) considerable differences are found. 50% of all B2B landing pages were set up in boxes. On the other hand only 15% B2C landing pages were set up in boxes. Postcard layout was quite common on B2C with 26% as compared to 14% in B2B. Single column layout seemed quite popular in B2C with 40% while B2B holds 25%. 16% of the B2C prefers 2 column layouts while B2B constituted only 8%.

So my advise is to test out various version with AB Testing and Multivariate testing to see what works best for your niche. Conversion Optimization using these methods is slow and requires skill but really works wonders when rightly done.

Minimize the number of links

The whole 49% of all landing pages including B2B and B2C contained only one link. This incorporates into clean message to get desired results because multiple links can dissolve the real impact. 12% of B2B and B2C make use of 2 links, 13% have 3 links and 7% feature 4 links. Astonishingly, 19% of all landing pages have 5 or more links. Conversion rate of pages with more links is rather poor so focus of the page is important.

Don’t make People Scroll

Most of the major brands position their call to action where it can be seen clearly without scrolling. Some of longer landing pages incorporate a pop-up box that scrolls down with the reader. But this approach is often proves precarious because many users find it interfering with their reading. Around 10% of all landing pages are designed to show the call to action conversion link in the top and bottom of the page, needless to say, they don’t convert that well.

Landing pages are the center of online sale process. So, stick to the proven best practices and get conversion rate.


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