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Kidpix, an app to save your kids art work foreverEvery great app starts as a problem someone faced and acted upon. Here is one such story from Adrienne, it is inspiring at the very least.
My journey as an appreneur began exactly one year ago. I was giving my children a bath after a very long and stressful workday. My youngest son who was 1 at the time said a new word. My heart sunk, as I knew I’d forget to enter it in to his baby book along with countless other milestones I’d missed. I thought to myself that there should be an app to record kid’s milestones making the process easier for exhausted working parents. Then I wondered if app invention is possible for me and went to bed.

The next day instead of making sales calls I googled “how to make an app”. I stumbled upon a guest blog post on how to build an app empire. After reading the post I felt energized and excited and had to know more. I ordered the book  written by the author of that blog post, impatiently waited for three days and then read it cover to cover in one night. I thought to myself that I could do it too- I could build my own app empire! Normally I talk myself out of these things with rationalizations and logical reasons why my ideas won’t work. This time, however, there was nothing inside me whispering fears and lists of why I couldn’t switch careers.

My sales job was getting harder and harder. I was working long hours, worried all the time and missing out on time with my family. Many of my colleagues had left the company to pursue their own interests as entrepreneurs. One of these women asked me what I wanted to do if I could begin again and the answer was clear- make apps. She sent me an email the following week about a course that was teaching on how to build an app empire. This happened to be a turning point of my life since I decided that very moment that I am going to switch my career to an app developer.

I enrolled in the 7-week course while still working my demanding sales job. I was the only breadwinner since my husband was in graduate school and so letting go of income just didn’t seem possible. My plan was to work and take the course simultaneously.

About three weeks in to the course I became seriously ill with sepsis infection. Because I was so focused on meeting my sales goals, I worked tirelessly and didn’t take care of my health. Lying in a hospital bed watching your life swing in the balance is a sobering experience. I realized that if I was going to make apps that I couldn’t work my job any longer. It was literally killing me. The decision was not easy to quit my job and to pour every resource I had in to making apps. I didn’t know where my fate was taking me?

Stay tuned for the rest of the story..


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