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Kidpix, an app to help you save your kids art
Adrienne, while managing her two kids and a demanding sales job, got very little time to cherish her little ones’ growth and progression. Her heart sunk at the thought of missing out on the numerous precious memories her children were making every day.

She wished to have an app to record children’s milestones for working parents like her.

An Idea Takes Shape

Determined to find a solution, Adrienne Googled how to make an app during her office hours the very next day. She stumbled upon an inspiring blog post, leaving her energized and yearning to know more about app creation. She even ordered the book by the author of the blog post and read it in one night after desperately waiting for three days.

Many of her colleagues had already left their jobs to seek an alternate career as entrepreneurs. During this period of uncertainty, a general conversation with a former colleague led her to think seriously about making an app. A week later, she received an email from the same colleague about a 7-week course on how to build an app empire. It became a turning point for Adrienne who finally decided to be an app developer.

Being the sole breadwinner of her family, she decided to take the course simultaneously along with the job. But fate had other plans, and halfway through the course, Adrienne became seriously ill and finally decided to quit her job and focus completely on making apps.

To begin her app development journey, Adrienne studied the app store for weeks in search of an app to emulate. She had learned that in app development, the only way to strike gold is to improve upon a successful app. After having many of her initial ideas for a potential app rejected, she finally found an app that could be improved upon.

Adrienne believed that every child is a budding artist, even if the lines are crooked and the shapes are disfigured. For parents, even a scribble on a napkin by their child is priceless. Having kids scribbling works of art on every possible blank space they find is common to every household, hence the idea for Kidpix was born.


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