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NextJuggernaut is a platform that has been in existence since long. Juggernaut started with building custom apps and than planned to use the ERPNext as an open source technology.

Looking at the technology we thought of using it as it was easy to inculcate and had all the features needed for a basic ERP system.

Now since we have got the system, we have incorporated it in our new product called “Juggernaut”. This incorporation has given us an edge over other HRM systems built on ERP Framework as all these tools are the necessities for a company to run their human resource department. ERPNext has also helped us in fulfilling the requirements of various other departments also like accounting, Warehouse management, etc.

Now we have become a one-stop shop for anyone to start planning the activities performed by the various departments by just using 1 tool i.e. “Juggernaut” . With Juggernaut, it is easy to maintain the data of the employees, recruiting of the employees, maintaining inventory of the company, etc.

Sign up with Juggernaut and get to know more about it’s activitie. We can help you with the following activities

  1. Create employee records.
  2. Manage performance appraisals and payroll.
  3. Sales management tools, which allow users to track leads and opportunities and create price quotes.
  4. Inventory Management tools to maintain the records of the items.

Apart from this, we have also developed mobile applications with dual-user functionality, where a user can operate the system from anywhere in the world and can update their records as and when required.

Our product also comes with a 24*7 support for the businesses; we provide technical help or answer any general queries regarding the platform. This helps businesses to rely on us for their technology so that they can focus on their business aspects.

Our platform is fully customisable if a business needs any other features on top of the already existing platform we get them incorporated for the business so that they get all they want to run without any compromises. Our goal is to help businesses run successfully.

You can find the following features in our product:

  1. Customise your design as per your needs, add a footer or a header
  2. Various services are available within the same platform “Juggernaut” like Inventory management, HRM, Manufacturing, etc
  3. Invite employees to use you the software within the same department

Sign up with NextJuggernaut today! And Kick start your business now.


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