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My excitement knew no limit when I was invited to be in the judging and mentoring panel of AngelHack San Francisco Spring 2014, the largest hackathon series in the world, which was held on May 10 – May 11, 2014.

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I must say, I was impressed by all the 19 projects submitted by extremely talented and creative participants. Hats off to them. Some ideas were so interesting, that I HAVE to share them with you. One of the teams presented ‘PickyPair’, an app which recommends fashion clothes based on search query. The cool part is that it also suggests matching accessories, footwear, etc. I’m sure all the ladies are waiting for it to come live. Another idea that grabbed my interest was ‘Hook’, a web based platform to generate dynamic content; which detects the trending topics, and change titles and content of your blog accordingly. It not only makes the blog popular, but also helps in the process of outreach

image 4

Now let’s talk about the BEST. Winning team, ‘Peppermint’, created a video feedback platform for web and mobile, which is useful across Moocs, Traditional Campuses, Pitch-Training for VC funding and between peers. Data analytics are delivered to the user in real-time. This platform delivered data analytics in real time with a very simple UI. It also allowed users to give feedbacks, by marking exactly what parts they like or didn’t like about the video.  For instance: if a user liked the video for the first 10 seconds, but didn’t quite enjoy the next 20 seconds, he can comment on both the parts of the video. The team has reserved its seat in the HACKcelerator Pre-Accelerator Program, and won upto $100,000 Sponsor prizes along with Kindle Fire HDX from Dolby, which makes me envy them a little.

image 5

SHOUTOUT for AngelHack for doing a brilliant job in proving a launchpad to developers, designers and entrepreneurs, who hold the potential to revolutionize the traditional system with their innovative concepts and ideas. I enjoyed every single second of the hackathon and the credit only goes to the AngelHack Team. You guys rock!!


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