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Job recruitment using mobile apps

According to research by Beyond.com, 77% of seekers use mobile job search apps. As the world goes mobile, they are also turning to their 24/7 mobile devices to look for new openings.

Apps for job applications have evolved over the last couple of years and more recruiters are expected to adapt to them by the end of 2013. The features that make recruitment apps stand out and preferred more than laptops/PCs are accessibility and mobility in a scenario where people prefer everything on the go.

So, how is a recruitment app one hand up from online recruiting websites?

  • Seekers have the flexibility to search for openings anytime, anywhere
  • They get a chance to quickly react to new openings, and don’t have to wait to reach home to switch on their computers
  • Unhappy employees find it to be a very discreet way to search for a new job
  • Seekers get instant updates and alerts regarding new openings
  • Various job apps offer ‘save search within app’, if users want to get back to their options later
  • You can check reviews and ratings on the go, before you hit the ‘send’ button
  • You can bookmark jobs and recruiters, letting you get back to them after a while
  • Seekers get push notifications for the latest openings tailored to their interests
  • Mobile apps keep you on top of all major job openings in the industry

Most recruitment app users are young people – college grads, job seekers from finance, health care, tech backgrounds and more. As a result of this trend, mobile accessibility by employers and recruiters is likely to increase tremendously.

How Important is it for an Online Job Portal to have a Mobile App?

Many job recruitment apps have seen considerable traffic growth. A recent survey suggested 40% of seekers using mobile devices are expected to abandon an application process if an employer’s website is not mobile-friendly.

Mobile devices are handy and are more appropriate when it comes to targeting seekers, saving time and resources which could be otherwise utilized optimally.

When people get listings on the go, they are on top of what kind of jobs are being offered in the industry. Also, recruiters get to attract the best talent by targeting them on mobile devices, as opportunities aren’t missed when you get posted about them almost instantly. Talent managers and top notch head hunters believe that mobile job apps are time savers compared to manual online searches.

User-Unfriendliness of Mobile Job Apps

Out of all the mobile job apps, not many are user friendly, but they can still be utilized for search and bookmarking, to refer to them later from a computer.

Another drawback of mobile job apps is the hurry that seekers tend to be in to apply for jobs listed. They may not read through the job descriptions properly and tend to rush in their resumes without tweaking them to match the opening.

Job Recruitment Apps to Check Out

Beknown, Beyond, Careerbuilder, Indeed, JobServe, LinkedIn, LinkUp, Proven, Monster, TweetMyJobs, Real Time Jobs, Craigster, JobFrenzy, JobCompass, and NowHiring are some examples of free and paid recruitment apps already running successfully in the industry. These vary for iOS & Android and have different functionalities in terms of job application process. You can find detailed info on various apps at: http://jobsearch.about.com/od/jobsearchtools/a/iphoneapps.htm.


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