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iphone5c the lower-cost soon-to-be launched i-PhoneiPhone 5C, the lower-cost soon-to-be launched iPhone is Apple’s dig at the mid-range mobile market. With Android and Windows devices available at much lower costs, Apple has planned to hit the mills with a lower-price plastic body phone to enter the affordable mobile segment. The device is to apparently target emerging economies and is believed to include lower-cost materials and hardware.

There’s already a lot of news about the lower-cost Apple device being named as iPhone 5C and scheduled to launch alongwith iPhone 5S in September. Business Insider’s second-hand sources have confirmed that there are colorful plastic iPhones on the cards that will most likely be called iPhone 5C, where ‘C’ stands for color.

Why is iPhone 5C in the news already?

It’s hard to say if that is a rumored name or a marketing strategy by Apple honchos; adding a ‘C’ with lower-cost Apple phone is getting them a lot of media attention already. People are relating this ‘C’ with cheap instead of color, which may not be good news for Apple as a brand but is bringing the to-be-launched phone a lot of unpaid publicity.

People are talking about whether or not the C stands for ‘color’ like or for ‘cheap. It is intriguing people enough to read more about Apple’s newest baby and what it has to offer. iPhone 5C is rumored to be tall and rectangular like iPhone 5, with a 4-inch retina display, 5 mega pixel camera, 1 GB RAM, bluetooth, wi-fi and more features in a plastic body. The buttons on the handset could also be plastic, matching the color of the rumored colorful iPhone range.

Now the question is, are these rumors leaking out unknowingly or are being spread as a marketing tactic by Apple insiders? This might be a strategic step to create a buzz about the 5C and curiosity among the masses. Obviously, people are waiting for a budget Apple phone and the news with the ‘C’ controversy is spreading like wild-fire.

Our opinion

We think the ‘C’ is more indicative of cheap than color, but maybe that’s the point. Maybe they wanted to create a huge buzz around a rumored product. After all, you never know what’s on Apple’s mind with the budget mobile concept.

What do you think?

So, what do you prefer for your budget iPhone, ‘C’ for color or ‘C’ for cheap? Or should it be a ‘CC’ for both cheap and colorful?

Let us know in the comments section if you were intrigued sufficiently by Apple’s strategy to spread the word about a budget iPhone.


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