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Apple launched its much awaited iPhone 5 finally on 12th September. Being an app development company, we have to analyse almost every new smartphone to stay updated. No smartphone is as important as iPhone for developers. So what does all the changes mean for them?

First the bigger screen is a really smart choice on part of Apple they have really found an elegant solution for developers and all the apps work right out of the box on iPhone 5. There will be small black stripes added on both sides of the screen but there will be no scaling and apps will work as they worked earlier.

Most of the developers already have access to iOS 6 for a few months now and have been testing all their apps on the latest iOS 6 builds to make sure their apps work smoothly. A6 processor will likely boost the performance of games by quite a bit with Apple claiming the new chip to be twice as fast as the A5 one.

Finally, does it make sense to update/redesign your apps for the new iPhone? One word answer is absolutely!

Not only will the increase screen real estate really improve user experience, but Apple is also likely to prefer apps designed for iPhone 5 in their App Store searches. If you are a moderately popular app, this is your chance to beat the biggies at their own game. Update fast, make sure you design the apps keeping the new screen in mind and it is bound to increase your app’s popularity a lot.

If you need some some help getting your apps updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6, give us a shout now!


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