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It was just fifteen days ago that it was heard that Apple will be coming up with iPad mini soon. Today the big Apple news is that, iPhone 5 is all ready to hit the market and Apple lovers on 12th of September this year.

The world’s most valuable technology company is going to change its design for iPhone 5 after the coming up of iPhone 4 in 2010. The anticipation for the latest device has led to a decrease in the sale of Apple’s other devices.

There are two things that are suspected about iPhone 5 right now: first, that iPhone 5 will be redesigned having a larger display. Secondly, it will be much bigger in size, measuring 58.47 mm wide, 123.83 mm high, 7.6 mm thin with a 4 inch display. The headphone jack will also be relocated from top of the iPhone to the bottom. The size of the dock will also be reduced to the size of a micro USB.

Apple earlier had the strategy of launching one product a year. Since Samsung has expanded its empire and has touched a wooping $219.1 billion smartphone market share, and is coming out with a number of handsets in a year with a variety of prices and sizes, Apple’s worry seems to be genuine.

The battle between Apple and Samsung to rule the Smartphone market is going pretty tough. Both the smartphone rulers are trying everything to grab the attention of their buyer and are trying hard to woo them to buy their products.

Whenever a new Apple product is launched, its a big affair for the Silicon Valley. Apple is always looked up with high expectations. Consumers and technology investors are curious to know about the latest Apple products, as they know that Apple would never let their expectations down. And as a matter of fact, it never has!

When Samsung launched its latest Galaxy device, it dethroned Apple’s supremacy in the smartphone market. With such a tight, neck breaking competition, it is essential for Apple to come up with such products that will increase the demand amongst the prospects.

With the news of iPhone 5 being launched on 12th of September, the Apple lovers will be quite excited. And all those people who had been saving money to buy a smartphone, its a good time for them to buy a piece of Apple for themselves.


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