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iOS 7 will be Apple’s biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone. An estimated 900,000 apps need to be updated for approximately 50 billion re-downloads once users upgrade their iPhones, iPods and iPads, which, going by past data, is pretty swift in Apple’s case.

Because 93% of iOS users stay updated with the latest version, the change is inevitable and it’s best for developers to embrace the changes now so they can start making the hundreds of changes that will be required for their apps to integrate successfully into the new iOS 7 interface without looking old and clunky. Most of the features will actually enhance the apps and it is a good idea from a marketing perspective to add features that use Apple’s latest APIs (Hello app store optimization!).

Due to all the work required, experts in app development and Apple updates are estimating that 66% of apps for sale in the iTunes App Store won’t get updated, rendering them very tough to be found in the store if not completely useless.

In fact, Apple knows the changes will take time, so they have been urging developers to start updating their apps, to prepare for the release and integration of iOS 7 since a couple of months now. Besides looking awkward and not fitting into the feel and flow of the new system, many old apps designed for iOS 5 and iOS 6 won’t even work in iOS 7.

There are countless updates that users will notice in iOS 7, including:

  • Control center
  • AirDrop for iOS
  • Smarter multi-tasking
  • Calendar search
  • Thinner scroll bars
  • Screen fade while locking
  • New privacy and data settings options
  • Easier access to iCloud
  • Smarter auto-correct
  • Better access to resources in sleep mode

All this means a lot of changes for developers. But it will be well paid for as iOS 7 allows to run 64 bit apps on iPhone 5S. Though all previous apps (running 32 bits) will keep running as before, 64 bit optimised apps on iOS 7 will run at a ‘super sonic’ speed.

To start playing with updates and testing how different aspects of an app will work within iOS 7, developers can download the beta version for free from the Apple website. The download is free for all Apple Store app developers, but fans and others wanting to toy around with the new version can get it for a subscription fee of $99.

What Developers Are Saying About iOS 7

Out of 1,000 developers TapFrame surveyed, 78% of them said despite the immense headaches these updates are causing them right now, they are “very excited” about iOS 7 because it will be easier to integrate new apps with it than the current, flatter style of iOS 5 and iOS 6.

Though the visual and usage changes like different gesture controls will be the most visible to users, the more subtle changes are the things that are alarming developers. However, despite the headache, they must be done.

iOS 7 Updates via Click Labs

At Click Labs, we are ahead of the curve in updating our own apps and numerous other apps commissioned to us by our clients. We’ve done countless hours of research on how to do these updates and how every single aspect of an app’s operation will be affected with the update from iOS 5 or iOS 6 to iOS 7. We’ve got the beta version of iOS 7 and are in the continuous cycle of making updates, running tests, making more updates and running more tests until the old apps are operating perfectly in iOS 7 and are ready for the update.

Click Labs will gladly take care of your iOS 7 updates and testings. Since Apple’s announcement of the update, we have been determining the most urgent updates in order to properly integrate an app into the iOS 7 platform. Write to us at contact@click-labs.com with your app and a basic description of what you want done, and we’ll get back to you within two days with a quote.


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