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To each his own, but from the analytical & numbers point of view, Android might just be the answer. Google Play app revenue is higher than App Store app revenue. Brand identity towards Android, especially among young people (18-25) is higher (43%) as compared with iOS. Also, 31% males and 24% females prefer an Android device in comparison with 24% males and 26% females for iOS.

These stats show that Android might be leading the market, but research also signifies that many developers choose iOS first and stick to iOS only. More iOS users surf the web on mobile phones and use mobile apps for shopping. Also, there are more jobs for iOS developers worldwide compared with jobs for Android developers.

And these stats leave the developers in an even bigger dilemma, so as said above – to each developer, his own. Choose your platform, or port your app to a new platform, depending upon your industry. And for more clarity, ask yourself the following questions:

  • More iOS users pay than Android users for apps – what is your monetization plan?
  • What is your current demography using?
  • What is your future target audience – males/females/age group?
  • Do you have an expert team/expertise for the OS you want to work on?
  • Do you have plans to go tablet? If yes, iOS is more dominant in tablet market.

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