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Inventory Management plays a crucial role in the
E-commerce Industry.

With the increase in online shoppers, there is a boom in the E-commerce industry over the last decade. This has opened a window of opportunity for small businesses to not only increase their profits, but also reach a larger audience. Yes, of course, the ultimate goal of a business is to boost the company's bottom line. But there are various aspects which come into play like strategy, planning and proper management to prove this result.

One of the important aspects of an E-commerce store is inventory management. And without a robust inventory management system, small businesses will fumble towards success.

Most small businesses initially used spreadsheets to manage their inventory, orders and accounts. However, when they expanded, they found it difficult to manage all these activities with spreadsheets. Also, spreadsheets are not compatible with E-commerce sites. This lead them to invest in multiple software to manage accounts and inventory.

While compatibility is one of the major challenges, the other challenges faced by E-commerce stores are:

  • No real-time tracking of inventory
  • Failure to forecast and plan
  • Poor supplier relationships
  • Failure to track Sales and Purchase Orders

NextJuggernaut Warehouse helps small businesses to streamline and automate inventory management processes. Thus, helping them to increase profits and provide a better customer experience.

Here's how NextJuggernaut Warehouse does it.:

  • Integrations Made Easy

    While choosing the inventory management software for your E-commerce business, it is necessary to check if it is compatible with your site. NextJuggernaut is not only compatible with E-commerce stores, but can also be integrated with Accounting Software to manage accounts and credits hassle free.

  • Intuitive and Powerful Dashboard

    The dashboard gives a bird's eye view of the total sales and purchases processed across the warehouse. It not only monitors the cash flow, but it also monitors the amount of stock that comes in and goes out of the warehouse.

    Intuitive and Powerful Dashboard
  • Real-time Inventory Tracking

    Today, a customer switches between three apps before they decide to buy a product. So, E-commerce stores need to know what they have in stock. NextJuggernaut tracks inventory in real-time. By setting a re-order level, businesses can plan the next purchase and avoid backorders.

    Forecasting and Planning
  • Forecasting and Planning

    Failure to plan will lead to poor inventory management. Businesses must understand seasonal trends and plan their inventory well in advance to avoid shortage or shrinkage. NextJuggernaut analyzes past sales, seasonal trends, and demand. This will help warehouse managers to place orders for the next season accordingly.

    Real-time Inventory Tracking
  • Supplier Management

    Maintaining a good relationship with suppliers is the key to receive good quality inventory. Hence, warehouse managers can do this by monitoring their performance. NextJuggernaut offers Supplier Scorecard to keep track of the supplier's performance. The scorecard template is customizable and parameters can be set accordingly.

  • Order Management System

    Maintaining purchase and sales orders on spreadsheets and papers are manageable for small businesses. However, when the number of sales increases, it is difficult to track Purchase Orders and Sales Orders on paper. NextJuggernaut seamlessly handles orders and invoices. It is easy to handle partial payments and track the status of each order.


With NextJuggernaut Warehouse, E-commerce stores can now focus on enhancing store experience and enriching customer experience.

Start today with NextJuggernaut.